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Live Chat Programs

Strengthen your online support with Live Chat Support
Increasingly, consumers are turning to live chat support. Why? Because it is simple and convenient. And, the customer has the opportunity to interact with you on a personal level. Sound Telecom’s chat support specialists provide a better return on investment and higher conversion rates, because fewer shopping carts are abandoned when live chat support is available. We respond quickly to customer inquiries with a real person conducting a real conversation. Within seconds, our chat specialists can be available while your customers are in the decision-making process on your website. Don’t miss an opportunity to support your customer and drive sales conversions. When you use Sound Telecom’s live chat support service you will be squarely in the middle of every customer conversation.

Be online when your visitors are – 24/7/365
Sound Telecom’s Web Chat service is a great way to supplement your existing online support and help desk programs. Live chat support is quick and easy to use and it presents a highly-polished, professional image. Live Chat allows anyone on your site to “talk” to an agent in real-time to obtain answers to questions or get assistance.

Benefits of Sound Telecom’s Live Chat Support Programs:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction with 24 x 7, high quality support and faster response times
  • Increase sales conversions and order values
  • Fewer abandoned shopping carts
  • Reduced check-out errors
  • Fewer abandoned support queues
  • Push needed web page information, links and documents to live chat customers
  • Managed, consistent response
  • 100% trackable documentation on all chat sessions

Give your online visitors real access. Provide them with an enhanced level of attention. Be available during all phases on the online buying and support processes. Quickly respond to questions that help keep the customer interaction alive and on-track. Measure your effectiveness with live chat session tracking.  Now, you can provide helpful and efficient service to your website’s visitors. Boost your service image, watch your sales increase, and grow your customer loyalty.


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