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Help Desk and Technical Support

Help Desk and Technical Support - Solving customer problems
The success or failure of a customer relationship can be determined by how well you solve customer problems; the first time. We understand the real goal of help desk and technical support service. The goal is to resolve your customer’s problems quickly, accurately and competently. That is why Sound Telecom’s USA-based agents are trained to handle your inbound call, email and chat inquiries at all hours of the night or day. Our agents can work inside your existing CRM environment or web-based trouble ticketing system to:

  • Provide troubleshooting support
  • Initiate and resolve trouble tickets
  • Update ticket information and status codes
  • Access existing customer history records to solve problems

Proper attitude and a willingness to help
Solving problems requires a special aptitude. It requires the ability to listen, empathize, and understand your customer. Then proper procedures must be followed in order to formulate the correct response. Finally, a solution is presented and customer history records are carefully appended and updated. That is exactly the mindset that our technical support representatives have. We genuinely enjoy solving problems and helping others. That is why you can count on us round-the-clock.

Benefits of Sound Telecom’s Help Desk and Technical Support Programs

  • Solid technical support experience
  • Flexible, adaptive agents
  • Work within your existing CRM or hosted ticketing system framework
  • Expand your hours of support to resolve customer issues faster
  • Accurate reporting and accountability
  • Rapid escalation channels to internal support resources

It may be called “technical support,” but we all know that it is human beings that solve problems at the end of the day. We humanize the help desk and technical support experience. Our agents work with advanced tools so that we can do one thing - solve your customer problems. We work within or in parallel to your existing support structure to provide real, tangible support. Contact us today and discover how you can build better, more responsive help desk services.

We provide nationwide service and can assist you no matter where you live. Feel free to browse our directory.