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Anniversary Call Programs

Anniversary calls improve customer loyalty
Do you remember how grandma would always send you a birthday card with $5 in it? She never forgot your birthday. And that made you feel special. Make your customers feel special, too, with well-timed, meaningful anniversary calls. Businesses that go above and beyond to reach out to their customers are businesses that last.

Show customers you care
Businesses today must show customers they care. They need to form relationships that matter. Sound Telecom will humanize your brand by calling customers on their anniversary to show them they matter to you. Give your customers a “wow” experience and do something they don’t expect. Being remarkable is often as simple as picking up the phone to say, “hello.” That is why our professional Anniversary Call Service works so well.

“Do unto others…”
Remember the Golden Rule and make your customers feel special so they come back again and again. It is more than just an anniversary call, it is recognition that your customers mean something to you. Sound Telecom will present you as more than just a service provider. Your customers will experience you as a positive presence throughout all phases of their lifecycle with you.

Benefits of Sound Telecom Anniversary Call Programs

  • Detailed focus on the customer relationship
  • Anniversary service dates are never forgotten
  • Special events are highlighted and remembered
  • Birthday calls
  • Customer recognition
  • Customer prioritization
  • Humanization of the customer relationship

Sound Telecom understands that at the end of the day a human being – not technology – handles your customer relationships. Reach out and provide a higher level of service with our anniversary call programs. Our customer-centric focus and passion for results will have your customers coming back year after year. Contact us today and discover how you can start building longer, more profitable customer relationships.

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