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Word of Mouth Marketing

Everyone who knows me knows that I love makeup. When I travel, I have an additional suitcase fully dedicated to just makeup. I have tried almost every brand out there through the years. Recently, I purchased an airbrush machine that made a nice addition to my makeup collection. I have used it to do a demo on almost all of my friends and family. When they ask me how I like it I always let them know that it is very practical and when I have needed customer service from the company who produced it I have received nothing but the best service. Every person that I have told about this airbrush has walked away with lots of information about the company. Additionally, at least five of my family and friends have purchased their own after seeing it in action and hearing my glowing recommendation. Without even intending to, I was engaging in word of mouth marketing, and that is exactly what you want your customers to do for you.

I believe that in business, word of mouth marketing is a very powerful tool. It was my positive words about the product that steered the people I know to buy their own. So, now let’s tie this to your business. If one happy customer tells at least five people of a good experience with your company, those five people are far more likely to use your services solely based on someones positive experience with your company. That is why I believe that as an Answering Service, we can help you provide exceptional service that people are going to talk about.

How can we make that happen? We can answer your calls when you are not available and you never have to miss a call from those who matter most to your company……your customers. We are always ready to take your calls 24/7/365. Also, our agents are always friendly and courteous and always willing to help your business. So, call us and ask us how we can help you create a positive customer experience and reap the benefits of being recommended by satisfied customers through word of mouth marketing.



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About Neri Luria

Neri Luria joins the Sound Telecom Team as the Bilingual Services Manager. Neri oversees operations and sales in our Westminster, Colorado bilingual call center. Neri’s unique talents make her a perfect fit to manage our bilingual agent staff, develop and monitor call center performance, assist with translation and provide bilingual sales assistance. Prior to joining Sound Telecom, Neri refined her skill sets with companies including T-Mobile, Money Gram, and MCI. During her last eight years with T-Mobile she held positions in the financial department and worked with their business intelligence department as a Bilingual Quality Project Specialist. She enjoys coaching and developing representatives to provide excellent service across a diverse customer base. She lives in Denver with her family and is originally from California. Neri has previously volunteered at the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and other Christian organizations. She often translates for her father who is a minister in Denver, Colorado.