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The Top 5 Ways An Answering Service Can Help Your Business

There are many ways an answering service can help your company, but what are some of the most notable? Check out five of the best…

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There are truly so many ways that a telephone answering service can help your business that it would take a blog post a mile long to list them all. But rather than tell you what we think are the most beneficial features for companies, we thought we’d instead share the results of feedback from the organizations we partner with.

When talking to our customers, these are the top five ways we have heard that our live answering services have helped their businesses:

An Answering Service Will Make Money for You
Every time you miss out on a sales opportunity, you lose potential sales revenue. Every time you fail to respond to a customer in a timely manner, you risk losing that customer. Every time you send a caller to voice mail, you potentially create a frustrated prospect. An answering service will “pay you back” by easily preventing each of these problems. Our services are proven to increase the number of leads our customers capture, and in turn, boost their sales.

An Answering Service Will Help You Reduce Payroll Costs
Some folks think that having a secretary sit  in the office from 9-5 to handle inbound  phone calls is the best solution. Why? A secretary can only handle, at most, 1 or 2 lines at a time. Why pay a secretary   $34,000 per year or more to handle only one call at a time and then miss every call that comes in while they are away from their desk? You can have an answering service in place to handle ALL of your calls immediately and pay as little as $45/month (based on your call volume).  That’s a lot of money you can save on staffing, equipment, office space, benefits, etc.

An Answering Service Will Help You Quickly Ramp Up Business Growth
Many business owners would agree that one of the most exciting times for a business is when it starts to grow! There is so much activity! More calls, more sales, more staff, more everything! When the time comes for you, are you ready? Is there anything you can do in advance to prepare for business growth? Of course there is. In fact, you can use a professional outsourcing company to help you grow your business with a minimal monthly investment. A good answering service is going to be flexible and scale services to meet your requirements. They won’t lock you into a long term contract or charge you for more than you need. But they are always ready to handle large influxes of calls based on your demand.

An Answering Service Will Provide Immediate Support for New Services and Product Offerings
So the choice is basically this: Build out a call center in-house in anticipation of an unknown customer support need, or, hire a professional BPO company to provide immediate response no matter what the need. Your decision to do one or the other will be based on both financial and management criteria. If you use an outsourced answering service, you can release a product quickly to the market, avoid expensive ramp-up costs, avoid expensive payroll and management costs, and control your monthly budgets.

An Answering Service Will Improve Your Image
Businesses often work hard to create an incredible and memorable brand image to set them apart. Business owners understand that a quality brand image is ubiquitous and all areas of contact and customer interface are considered important. However, one area of contact is almost always overlooked: phone answering is typically left out of the mix. Businesses must remember that branding encompasses every impression a company makes on its customers. Leaving phone answering out of your branding equation is both unwise and impractical. A professional answering service provides a polished experience for your callers that leaves them with a superior impression of your brand.

When you hire an answering service, you aren’t just hiring a well-trained receptionist. You are hiring an entire  staff of experienced, well-trained receptionists! It’s time to bring steadfast attention, care and branding to the way your phones are handled. This will greatly assist you in winning and retaining business. Don’t waste a single customer interaction.

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