My Receptionist Needs Help with Phone Calls

Some people may think that having a receptionist or answering service during business hours is mutually exclusive, but this isn't true. The two can work together, because sometimes a receptionist needs help with phone calls. If you already have a receptionist and want to keep them around, or you simply

Your Business Is Missing Out If You Don’t Offer Bilingual Phone Support

Not offering bilingual phone support means your business is unable to connect with a massive customer segment. But there's no reason that should be the case when professional bilingual answering services are available. Fact: more Spanish-speaking people live in the United States than Spain - 45 million

Answering Service and Call Center Q&A: Episode 9

  People across the USA ask us questions about what our call center and answering services can do to help their organizations. Here's several of those inquiries along with our responses. Folks use our Contact Us form to submit their questions about how our answering services work. This blog

How does multilingual live answering support work?

¿Hablan Español? 你会讲? Ð’Ñ‹ говорите? Ok, you get the picture. So you have customers or clients that don’t speak English and you would like to be able to provide service to them. What do you do? Communication can be difficult when callers and agents