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Remote Computer Access


Having a VPN for your business allows you to easily access information from a remote location.

Why would you want to access another computer remotely? How can it assist you in your work? What applications are out there for remote computer access?

Why would you want remote computer access to your business or personal machine? Maybe you need to finish up some work, but you don’t want to sit after work to finish it. Or you need to look at a file or address on your computer at work, but don’t want to drive back to look at it. Maybe you are at a friend’s house and want to access your home computer to show them something. Whatever the reason, whether it be business or personal, remote computer access can be a great way to get needed information to people.

There are different ways to access a computer remotely. Some of them are very secure and some are moderately secure.  All the different ways to perform remote computer access have to use the internet in some way.

The most secure way is using a VPN connection. Using a VPN connection is mostly used in a business environment where you want the extra security so other people outside your company can’t access it. VPN stand for Virtual Private Network, and it’s a secure tunnel through an unsecure internet connection from your home PC to your work PC.  But it is a slower connection because of the encryption on both sides. The traffic coming from your home PC is encrypted and then has to be decrypted once it reaches your work PC. Also, the slowest internet connection on either side will determine have fast the traffic is sent between the two computers. Additionally, uploading files is much slower than downloading files if you are sending files back and forth between the computers, because there can be a possible bottleneck of the files you are trying to send to the work PC or vice versa.

Other types of remote computer access have to do with different software you can purchase or find for free online. There is LogMeIn, GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, CrossLoop, and Mikogo just to name a few. These types can be accessed remotely to do work, as well as for personal use. They work the same as a VPN connection where they have to utilize the internet to gain access to the remote PC. With remote computer access software, it is secure, but you need to be more mindful of how you interact with the computer.

The way you keep products like this secure is having passwords set up in order log in. You don’t leave the computer on the other end accessible to viewing by shutting down your monitor or keeping your office door locked. Because when you login using these types of software, you can always see the other computer you are accessing at work or vice versa.

Remote computer access can also be used for interaction between two parties. For example, if you want to share your desktop with the IT department so they can help fix a problem. You can also use the tool to show clients a slide show of new products your company is making available. This software can also be used on a personal level if you want to help a family member with a problem on their computer, or just want to view information the other person wants to share.

As you can see, the utilization of remote computer access can be a vital tool for your business and a helpful application in life.



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