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Protect and Enhance Your Brand with a Dedicated Inbound Contact Center

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today and as a result your customer base is growing faster than you expected. Congratulations! Now all of the phone inquiries, emails, live chat interactions, social media requests, tweets, etc. are all starting to get overwhelming, aren’t they?  A dedicated contact center may be the answer! The services offered by inbound call/contact centers and telephone answering services help thousands of businesses just like yours protect their brands from the “bad customer service” label every day. Outlined below, are the top five reasons others in your industry have hired a dedicated contact center, and why you should consider one as well.

1. A Live Person to Answer the Phone – A recent Consumer Reports survey found 67% of customers have, at one time or another, hung up the phone out of frustration that they couldn’t talk to a real person. How many times have you yourself hung up out of frustration after trying to navigate the convoluted maze of an IVR phone tree? Dedicated telephone answering services and inbound contact centers help protect your brand from this feeling of frustration. Agents are trained to support a variety of platforms, offer bi-lingual services, provide a live voice and service and help ensure a customer doesn’t call somewhere else to find help.

2. Scalable Services – Telephone answering services and contact centers do much more than answer phone calls. Service offerings extend to any number of interaction platforms such as data entry, message taking, order placement/status, email, live chat, and social media. The agents you hire will handle the customer volume so you can focus on running your business and marketing your brand. Many centers offer scalable services with varying packages based on usage, volumes and time/type of support, so you can pick the locations, types of support and levels that are appropriate for your business.

3. Account Management – When small businesses try to handle the volumes of customer service calls in-house, the records of these interactions often suffer greatly. Dedicated inbound contact centers keep all the action organized and accessible in one place. They provide message tickets, reports and statistics so you can see who is contacting your business, when and why — which in turn allows you to target your services, marketing dollars and efforts like a laser.

4. Growth Opportunities – Training a receptionist, or cross training multiple employees for back-up coverage, to handle inquiries is only a short-term solution. Especially when considering the 24 x 7 nature of your business, the internet and today’s customer expectations. The risk of losing potential business because of a busy signal or call gone to voice mail is very high. Contact centers typically remain open 24 hours a day and can ‘over staff’ agents and have them available and assigned to your account as you grow.

5. Simplified Process – Many businesses making the leap to dedicated contact centers say the simplified hiring process — compared to in-house training — is a major reason. The (greatly) reduced cost versus trying to handle all of this in-house also ranks high on this list of reasons. You don’t need to hire a customer service specialist, find room in your cramped office or pay the insurance/taxes/overhead that come along with a new employee. Plus, the stigma of companies in India, the Philippines and other countries dominating outsourced contact centers along with the current economic conditions are enticing many businesses to come back on-shore for their call/contact center support. In fact, many centers are opening or relocating back to the U.S. and staffed are by Americans allowing neutral accents and common culture. This makes it easier for you to communicate with the center and for them to communicate with your customers. Truly a win-win situation!



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About John Dubay

As Director of Operations, John Dubay is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of Sound Telecom's multiple service delivery centers and for ensuring the highest levels of service, support, quality and value for Sound Telecom's many clients. John brings 20+ years of experience in client services, account management and operations management with outsourced BPO and customer service organizations worldwide to Sound Telecom. His ability to leverage previous experiences in multiple industry verticals and successes in the consistent management and delivery of client specific operational metrics adds value to both Sound Telecom and our diverse client base. John earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington State University where he studied business administration, international business and economics.