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Nationwide Call Center Releases Article on How Obamacare Affects Businesses


Sound Telecom, a leading provider of telephone answering services, call center solutions, and cloud-based phone systems across the country, has published an article that outlines what companies of all sizes need to know about The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and how it will impact their businesses.


As a part of their efforts to continue providing resources to help people grow their companies,  Sound Telecom released an article after realizing that many business owners have questions when it comes to the Affordable Care Act and how it affects their organization. So, Sound Telecom tapped Sydney Morgan Diamond, their resident expert on the matter, to create an article that would help clarify the situation in an easy to digest article.

Before breaking down how businesses are affected, the piece opens with a brief background of the law, how the delays have played out to this point, and the basic principles that the Affordable Care Act is founded upon. It also explains that the law impacts individuals, insurance companies, and business, but the article only focuses on how Obamacare affects companies.

The article goes on to explain that Obamacare affects businesses differently depending on the size and structure of each company. It examines each of the 5 tiers, from self-employed individuals to companies with 100 or more full time equivalents, to explain how the Affordable Care Act impacts each kind of company, what they must to do abide by the law, and the most recent dates by which they must be compliant. There is also a helpful segment that outlines how to calculate full time equivalents so business owners know exactly which category they fall into.

Finally, there is a section in the article that notes seven interesting items about the Affordable Care Act that also impacts companies. For example, it notes that if one company buys another company, but elects to maintain separate legal entities, the law still looks at the combined number of employees to determine which category the business falls under.

“I recommend that every company, every business, no matter what the size or how many employees it has, ensures that it has someone to keep abreast of new knowledge and changing requirements regarding Obamacare,” stated Diamond. She believes that her article is a great place to start, but hopes all business owners will expand their research and stay informed about the law that is still in development, but undoubtedly has a strong impact on everyone.

To read the full article, please view it here:

How Obamacare Affects Businesses

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Sydney joined Sound Telecom in March 2008, bringing over 20 years of experience in financial management to the company. Her background includes CFO/controller positions in the real estate, construction and engineering, gaming, and service industries. As the corporate CFO/controller, Sydney oversees all financial and administrative service operations for Sound Telecom. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Brown University and her MBA from the University of Chicago.

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