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Month-to-Month Answering Service


If you’re looking for a flexible way to enhance your customer support, look no further than a month-to-month answering service plan.

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We truly believe that a month-to-month answering service is the best option for our customers, because that’s what they tell us! Sure, there are times when a long-term contract is a good thing. Maybe your favorite baseball team has signed a young superstar to a 10-year deal. He gets millions of dollars, your team gets a great player for a long time, and everyone is happy.

However, there are plenty of other times when long-term contracts just aren’t a good deal. Perhaps you sign up for a 2-year cell phone plan. It might seem like a good idea at first, but then your phone breaks, the service starts to lack quality, and you find a better value with a different carrier, but can’t do anything about it since you’re locked in for another 18 months. Too bad.

We have found that a month-to-month answering service contract is the best thing for both our customers and us. Why? Our customers prefer a month-to-month answering service because of the flexibility. They aren’t tied down in any way. All we require is a written notice for cancellation of service. Some of our customers are small businesses that experience seasonal spikes for phone calls. So they love the ability to use our answering service month-to-month knowing that they can turn it off when they don’t need it and that we will be ready to help them out when they get busy again.

Offering our answering services on a month-to-month basis is a positive thing from our standpoint too. We feel that having to earn the business of our customers each month keeps us sharp. There is never an instance when we can close a new client and just set the account on cruise control. We must provide the best service possible with each call and each opportunity so that our customers choose to stick with us.

In the end, a month-to-month answering service just works out best for everyone. If you’re interested in learning more about how an answering service that uses month-to-month contracts can benefit your company, please give us a call.

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