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What should you look for when purchasing computers for business?


Computers are essential in today’s world in order to improve employee’s work performance and increase your companies over all worth.  

A laptop on a desk to depict what you should look for when purchasing computers for business

There are so many types of computers out there. So, what should you look for when purchasing computers for business? What type of key ingredients are you looking for in the computer? Are you looking for a desktop or a laptop?

Even though computers are crucial in today’s workplace, they can also be a daunting task to invest in. It doesn’t matter if you are a large or small business, the expense can make or break your company. Just like coming up with a business plan to run your company, you need to have a plan on what your computer environment should look like.

There are some questions  you need to  ask yourself when purchasing computers for business. What type of computer am I looking for? Maybe you want each computer to be part of a network and be a standalone computer where different types of users need different types of software to perform their duties. Purchasing a standalone can be expensive with the types of software you need purchase and put on the computer for each user. This scenario is a good idea for a smaller companies where you may not need many computers. But, you will more than likely have to purchase new computers every 4 to 5 years due to new technology.

For larger companies, investing in a terminal server environment, and then purchasing dumb terminals may be the decision to make for your company. What is a terminal server? A terminal server is a hardware device that enables one or more terminals to connect to a LAN (Local Area Network) or the internet without the need for each terminal to have a network card.  What is a dumb terminal? It is just a display monitor with no processing capabilities. A dumb terminal is simply an output device that accepts data from the CPU.

This is a good idea for medium to large companies when purchasing computers for business. Terminal servers have come down in price in recent years to make the idea of using a terminal server not so far fetched. It is easier to set up and get your employees up and making money for your company faster. Why? Because the image is on the terminal server and all you need to do is plug in a new dumb terminal and you have a new user. In the terminal server environment you really are only updating the operating system and software on the server. Terminal servers also use licensing to add users. This can be extremely helpful when setting up new terminals, because you are only adding the license and not adding a new computer to the domain like you would if you had to purchase a new computer with its own operating system installed.

These are just some basic ideas to keep in mind when purchasing computers for business. Whichever way you decide to go, remember to invest the time before you invest the money. Create a plan to prepare for now and where you think your company will be 5 years down the road.



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