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Is your Answering Service waiting for your call?

If you currently use an Answering Service I want to know when the last time you called them to make sure that they have the most up to date information? If you can’t remember or it has been years, it has been too long!

Do you wait until you have an issue to let them know there was a change? If you wait to let your Answering Service know of any changes you are waiting too long. Here at Sound Telecom we like to have the most up to date information so we can provide the best service.

Would you not let your receptionist know that your hours have changed? Or would you not tell them that in case of an emergency instead of calling Tom it is now Brandon? I’m pretty sure most of you would answer, no and that you would make sure that the person answering your phones has up to date information. Why? Because you want to make sure that the correct person is called and that the correct information is given to callers. So why wait to let your Answering Service know of updates or changes?

Running a business takes a lot of effort and time so we
understand it is not always possible to pick up the phone. My recommendation would be to make it a habit to call every couple of months and make sure your Answering Service has the most up to date information. Most mistakes can be made when an Answering Service and business do not communicate effectively! So when will you be picking up the phone and making sure your service has the most up
to date information?



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About Neri Luria

Neri Luria joins the Sound Telecom Team as the Bilingual Services Manager. Neri oversees operations and sales in our Westminster, Colorado bilingual call center. Neri’s unique talents make her a perfect fit to manage our bilingual agent staff, develop and monitor call center performance, assist with translation and provide bilingual sales assistance. Prior to joining Sound Telecom, Neri refined her skill sets with companies including T-Mobile, Money Gram, and MCI. During her last eight years with T-Mobile she held positions in the financial department and worked with their business intelligence department as a Bilingual Quality Project Specialist. She enjoys coaching and developing representatives to provide excellent service across a diverse customer base. She lives in Denver with her family and is originally from California. Neri has previously volunteered at the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and other Christian organizations. She often translates for her father who is a minister in Denver, Colorado.