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Include Your Telephone Answering Service as Part of Your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Every organization should have a business continuity plan. One of the key pieces in that plan is a telephone answering service to help you maintain order.

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The words Business Continuity and Disaster Planning are (or should be) part of your common  business vocabulary and your overall business plan. Disasters come in all shapes and sizes with the power to cause everything from minor inconveniences to devastating impacts. Having a good business continuity plan is crucial for keeping your people safe and your company up and running when disaster strikes.  Incorporating your telephone answering service as part of your plan shows foresight and caring – both for your employees and your business.

Here are some ways that having a live support provider in your business continuity plan can help your company when faced with unforeseen circumstances:

1.  Sign up with a telephone answering service to attain a unique DID (direct in dial) phone number

2.  Make sure you also get set up for message delivery options that make sense for your location, your business and your employees. These message options can take the form of direct patching, calls, texting, pager notification, fax, and even a secure online web portal.

3.  Have your live support provider of choice help you design a script that includes contact names, numbers, and instructions. The call center agents  will handle these calls in a professional, courteous, and friendly manner. Hint:  telephone answering services who provide a great deal of medical answering services are already geared toward taking urgent calls and know how to provide calm service in the face of panic.

4.  Distribute the DID number to your employees for use if a disaster occurs so they can call that number to leave a message or get status updates

5.  Identify your key personnel who are in charge of organizing and executing your disaster recovery and/or business continuity plans

6.  Let your telephone answering service know who those individuals are so they can  receive the messages from your employees or leave information with the call center that agents can share with your employees when they call in

7.  Keep that list current with your answering service

The steps outlined above sound pretty basic, and they are.  It’s not a hard or costly process  to implement, and can save a lot of time and worry.  Your employees call in, leave their status information (are they okay, is their family okay, where are they located). They can also receive further instructions from your key personnel via your support provider.

This streamlines your emergency process so that only one instructional call must be placed by management and each employee can find out what they need to know while updating their employer of their status. Now everybody is on the same page and knows what the next steps are to getting both their lives and the business up and running again.

We all try to make sure we have plans in place in case of emergency. Enlisting a telephone answering service that operates 24/7, 365 days a year to help with your plans can only help you and your employees…just in case…


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