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How To Make Your Small Business Seem Bigger


To be successful as a small business, it can often be beneficial to make your company appear larger than it really is. Here are five tips to help you know  how to make your small business seem bigger.

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So you’ve got yourself a small business or startup and you want people to take you seriously. If you don’t display a high level of professionalism then it is likely that you’ll be unintentionally turning business away. Here are five ways you can make your small business seem bigger and stay competitive.

1. Get your website right

If people visit your website and it’s super outdated, has limited functionality, minimal pages, or doesn’t work properly, then you are begging them to believe your business is small and potentially unreliable.

A great website is worth the investment. When your site looks good, has great information, is easy to use, and functions properly, you’re convincing visitors that you are a capable business that’s bigger than you might actually be.

2. Build a strong social media presence

When you hop on a businesses social media site and they’ve only got a handful of Facebook likes or a few dozen Twitter followers, then your automatic assumption is that they are a small company. Why? Because that is often times the reality.

The more followers you have on your social media sites the bigger your company seems. Luckily, with a simple strategy, a little time, and a small budget you can make your small business seem bigger just by boosting your social media presence. There are other benefits your company can reap with a solid social media game plan too. Read more about that here: 5 Big Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

3. Establish multiple locations

Ok, so maybe you aren’t going to open corporate offices in multiple cities across the map. Fair enough, but there are a couple ways you can at least portray that you have more than one location.

Do you or one of your employees have another house in another city? Great! Use that address as a second office location. Another way to create a more wide spread feel for your small business is to establish a virtual office and get mailing addresses in a few key big cities. Choose your cities wisely and you can penetrate new markets to help grow your business.

4. Use a toll free 800 number

Nothing screams small and local like having a phone number with your area code, which isn’t always a bad thing, but more on that in a minute. Having a toll free 800 number has nationwide appeal and is an instant credibility boost for your company. They are relatively cheap and easy to acquire, and they let customers easily contact you no matter where they are with their questions. Learn more about toll free numbers here:  How To Get a 1-800 Phone Number

5. Brand your business phones

Ok, there is a lot that goes into this one. The phone experience that businesses provide their callers is absolutely crucial to success. When people call your company and it takes a while to be answered, is clearly being taken on a cell, or goes to voicemail, it’s apparent to the caller that they are dealing with a business that doesn’t really have it together and might be a small operation.

Here is what you need to do to create a well-branded phone experience for your callers to not only make your small business seem bigger, but to also set your company up for success:  always answer quickly with a live, professional, helpful person. If you must use an automated greeting with numbered options, keep it simple and quick to get your callers speaking to someone asap.

For many small businesses, it can be difficult to handle every call as described above on a 24/7 basis. Here is the answer to how you can create the most ideal phone encounter for your callers: use a Virtual Receptionist. They are a fraction of the cost of a full-time receptionist, they are available to handle calls around the clock or whenever you need them, they instantly boost your customer service game, and they easily make your small business seem bigger than it is.

So  now you know how to make your small business seem bigger, but keep this in mind: bigger is not always better. If you’re a small business, never forget to use that to your advantage. Shopping local, small companies  that play a role within the community, and personalized service are often  popular with consumers. Always remember to use your strengths as a small business within your area. But if you are looking to grow your company and spread into more markets, use these tips to make your small business seem bigger.

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