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How to Forward Calls with an iPhone


Forwarding calls with your iPhone is a fairly simple process, and there are many times when it can be useful to know how to forward calls with an iPhone.

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There are a number of reasons why you may want to forward calls with an iPhone. Perhaps you have a work and a personal phone, but you don’t want to carry around both, so you can just forward the calls from one to the other. Maybe you’re a business owner who needs to go into a meeting a not be interrupted by the phone, but still doesn’t want to miss any important calls, so you simply forward calls from your iPhone to your answering service. Whatever your reason is, forwarding calls with an iPhone is an easy thing to do.

The first thing you will need to do before forwarding your calls with an iPhone is to determine which carrier provides service for you. Is it Verizon? AT&T? T Mobile? This matters because the brief process to forward calls with an iPhone depends on who your provider is.

  • Here is how to forward calls with an iPhone if Verizon is your carrier: Dial *72. Then enter the phone number you’d like to forward your calls to. Press the Call button and you should hear a confirmation. End the call.
  • To unforward call with your iPhone as a Verizon customer, dial *73, press the call button, listen for the confirmation, end call.
  • You can also forward or unforward iPhone calls from your computer by logging into your Verizon account online.
  • For other carriers like AT&T or T Mobile, simply go into your ‘Settings‘ icon from the home screen, and press the ‘Phone‘ button. From there you will see ‘Call Forwarding‘ near the bottom. Tap this and it will open up your call forwarding feature. Toward the top there will be a slider that will be in the ‘Off‘ position. Simply tap this and the slider will move to the right. This will activate your call forwarding. When this happens, your ‘Forwarding To‘ editor will become available and allow you to enter a phone number for your calls to be forwarded to. Press the ‘Call Forwarding‘ button on the upper left hand side of the screen and your calls are now forwarded to the number that you wanted.
  • To unforward, go to ‘Settings‘, ‘Phone‘, and simply tap the ‘Call Forwarding On‘ button and this will deactivate your iPhone call forwarding immediately.

This is a great feature if you want all of your calls forwarded to another number, but is lacking when it comes to some of the basic reasons people need to forward their phones. Conditional forwarding is the forwarding of your calls under certain circumstances such as “Call Forward if Busy”. This is if you are on a call (or two) and your phone would normally have a busy signal to your caller. Just imagine how much lost business you can suffer if you’re not able to answer these calls. If you would like to use this feature and forward these possible missed calls to another co-worker, your office, or answering service, simply dial *67*phonenumber# then tap call. This will automatically reroute your calls that would normally end up with a busy signal to the number you provided. If your lines are available, it will ring to the phone as normal. To deactivate this feature, press #67# and press call.

Now, let’s say that you are unavailable, but really cannot afford your calls going to voicemail and need that live person to answer the calls for you. Once again, you can have your calls forwarded to someone else and never miss a call. This is called “Call Forward if No Answer”. To set this feature up, dial *61*phonenumber# and press call. It is that easy and you never have to miss a call when you cannot get to your phone. To deactivate this feature, press #61# and press call.

Last, but not least is another feature to insure that your callers are always answered by a live person. This is called “Call Forward if Unreachable”. This simply means that if your phone is turned off, or it has no signal, your calls can be rerouted to the number of your choosing. To set this up, dial *62*phonenumber# and press call. To deactivate this feature, press #62# and press call.

These are all the different types of ways you can forward calls with an iPhone. It is all very simple  and you will never miss another call. Better yet, none of your callers will ever end up going to the dreaded voicemail jail.

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