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How Quickly is Your Phone Answered?


Does it matter to a business owner how quickly the phones are answered?  It certainly does if you like happy customers and running a successful company.

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How quickly you answer your business phones is super important. Think back to a time when you called a company and the phone rang…and rang…and rang some more. FINALLY someone picked up after 8-10 rings. Straight away you’ve got the impression that your call wasn’t that important to them. And how many people really wait through that many rings for someone to answer? Most folks will hang up after the 6th or 7th ring and call your competitor, because they are the next business on the list of companies that provide what the caller needs. So, how quickly is your business phone answered?

Oh it rings 6 times and then goes to voicemail? Wrong answer. In fact, voicemail is rarely a good answer when it comes to people calling your company. The overwhelming majority of customers or potential clients won’t actually leave a message when they reach a company’s voicemail. Not answering the phone promptly, or at all is such a waste of potential revenue!

So perhaps you’re a small business or just a very busy business and you find it difficult to quickly answer each call with everything else that is going on. Well, there’s a solution for that: an answering service. Thousands upon thousands of businesses across the country and even the world have realized the value of answering every call promptly with a live person. That’s why they choose to use an answering service to really step up their customer service game.

When you hire a professional telephone answering service you need to ensure that your provider can quickly answer all calls on your behalf. Professional call centers pride themselves on a rapid “speed of answer.” Your answering service must focus on quickly picking up your phone and answering professionally every time a call is received. What constitutes as quickly? A quality speed of answer is picking up within the first 3 rings.

However, if your answering service has a poor speed of answer, you might end up  paying them to miss calls. OR, if your callers bother to stay on the  line until your answering service finally does pick up, by the 8th or 9th ring, they are already unhappy and the customer experience is off to a rocky start.

When you hire an answering service, be sure to ask them about their speed of answer performance and have them show you that they can perform. Feel free to test them with some trial calls too. If your business phones are answered quickly, then your callers will be happier and your company will be more successful!

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