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How to Handle High Call Volumes from Google Ads

With the amount of money you spend advertising on Google Ads, you don’t want to miss a customer or lead, simply because you can’t keep up with all the phone calls.

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Using Google Ads is a very effective and proven way to market your company.  And once customers are interested in doing business with you and have chosen your company, they’ll want to speak with someone for details about your products or services.  But will your business be prepared to handle the influx of phone calls generated by your Google Ads?

People who have found success through Google Ads (formerly AdWords) know that it can be very expensive to win the highest bid and have your ad displayed.  You wouldn’t want to lose a prospective customer, just because you don’t have enough representatives available to handle their call in a timely manner.  We live in an age where people expect good results at an increasingly rapid rate, and a customer can become disinterested in your company in a matter of minutes or even seconds.  Don’t waste the money you’ve invested in your advertisements by being under-prepared to handle the high call volumes.

A lead capturing call center team can help you handle these customers, day or night.  Google continues running ads after normal business hours have concluded, so why wouldn’t you want to be prepared to handle the calls that come in after-hours, too?  An answering service can handle callers to ensure they have a great experience with your business by answering questions, scheduling appointments, helping place orders, or routing callers to the correct department.

At the very least, if a call agent speaks with a customer after-hours who needs to speak with an expert from your business, the agent can take a message and assure the customer that their call will be returned as soon as possible.  The customer will feel appeased until the following morning, knowing that they spoke with a live person who is ensuring them they are a priority and that their matters are being addressed.

Our call center will work with you to prepare a script and construct an efficient routing system.  If you don’t know where to begin when assembling your script, here are some questions to consider:

  1. What is your estimated number of callers you’ll receive each day? (you can even set up Call Only campaigns with Google Ads and your budget should give you an indication of call volume)
  2. What are your most frequently asked questions?
  3. In regards to call transfers, would you like call agents to use a cold or warm transfer?
  4. What greeting would you like the agents to use when they answer your customers’ calls?

Preparing the FAQ portion is an important part of the process, because you know your industry and customers best.  As your business grows, your answering service can grow with you and make any updates and implement better practices to make sure you are maximizing the ROI from your ad spend.  To begin a conversation with us about creating a call answering plan to handle increased call volume from Google Ads, please give us a call today.

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