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How a Funeral Home Answering Service Works

An experienced, professional funeral home answering service is able to assist funeral directors and callers in sensitive situations.

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It may be the most difficult call you ever have to make. A loved one passes during the night and you need a mortuary service to assist your family in a time of great need. You make a phone call to your local funeral and mortuary service provider and you are quickly greeted by a calm, professional person who works with the funeral home answering service. This person listens to you, expresses empathy and quickly gathers the details about your sorrowful event. Soon, the funeral director pulls up to your home to help you with your needed arrangements.

Mortuary services and funeral directors commonly use a professional answering service for funeral homes to assist with times just like these. Directors are often out in the field assisting family members, coordinating funeral events, and driving to and from destination points. Because of this, a funeral home answering service has become a “must have” for funeral and mortuary services.

Many calls received by funeral homes at night have to do with the passing of a loved one. Therefore, calls must be treated with the utmost sensitivity. Funeral directors are looking for a conservative, formal, yet empathetic organization to assist them during these times. These calls are often called “pick up” or “death” calls. They absolutely must be handled properly.

In addition to helping families in need, a funeral home answering service plays another critical support role. Some funeral homes still provide viewings so that family members can pay final respects. Often, large numbers of callers will dial a funeral home to get details about viewing events such as date, time and driving directions. Often, when a young person has passed, there is an even higher volume of calls. A funeral home answering service plays a critical role in handling these incoming calls and ensuring friends and families are treated with respect and decency while collecting and providing necessary information.

A funeral home answering service allows funeral directors to have their own peace of mind so that they can focus on what they do best – assisting families in a time of need. Funeral directors have a special set of skills and they need the ability to dedicate their focus to one event at a time. Live answering services for funeral homes gives directors the ability to provide undivided attention to the people who are going through such a difficult time. And in the background, their answering service is tending to each caller that dials in with empathy and compassion.

Contact us today if you operate a funeral home or mortuary service and would like the support of a dedicated answering service. Our  experienced staff is standing by 24/7 to help you provide the care families need during their most difficult times.

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