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Clutch Recognizes Sound Telecom as Industry Leader

Clutch 2019 Top Hospitality

Having already been recognized by Clutch as a global leader among answering service providers,  Sound Telecom is thrilled to announce that  they have also been listed as a top performer for several industry segments in  the call center field! According to Clutch, Sound Telecom is one of the best answering service companies for organizations in the hospitality industry.

Clutch’s  annual report also ranked Sound Telecom highly among firms that deliver answering services for the medical institutions, law firms, and real estate companies. This award is a huge honor, and the team  can’t wait to see how it will help the company reach new clients!

As an experienced provider of a wide range voice services, Sound Telecom  recognizes the important of understanding clients’ needs. They have built a reputation in the industry for managing customer expectations, exceeding metric goals, and delivering personalized support. Part of the reason why Sound Telecom can confidently make these claims is that Clutch has gathered positive feedback from their clients!

Sound Telecom is  also featured prominently on The Manifest, Clutch’s blog-style sister site, as a premier answering services company. Here, potential clients can see how Sound  separates themselves from our competition.

“We’d like to take this time to thank our amazing customers. Without your support, we would never have reached this incredible milestone. It’s always an honor to be recognized based on positive feedback from clients. They’re who we’re here to serve after all, so we can be nothing but thankful to receive this affirmation that we’re reliably delivering quality service for them.” – Andrew Tillery, Marketing Director at Sound Telecom

If you’re interested in joining our network of business partners, reach out and let us know what your answering service requirements are. We’ll be sure to give a timely response!

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