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Clouds, Cell Phones, and Cookies OH MY – A Call Center CFO’s Perspective

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Privacy.  What does this mean in today’s world?

Are your trade secrets safe?  Is your confidential information really confidential?  Do you have any expectation of privacy in today’s world?

Well, if you do, you might want to reconsider.

In today’s world of data storage in the cloud, mobile apps and other software tracking your whereabouts, and cookies tracking your internet perusals it might be time to think about what’s at stake.

For instance, the 4th amendment of the Constitution protects you from illegal search and seizure and there are laws built in to protect property in your possession.  That includes your computers, physical storage devices, thumb  drives, etc.  No such protection exists for information stored in the Cloud.  Think about it.  You do not actually have the information in your possession, so online data, or data simply stored in the cloud is exempt from the 4th amendment.  Considering this digital age, medical records, phone records, passwords, diaries, all of it.  If it’s in the cloud it ain’t protected under the 4th amendment.

Cell phones, apps, posting pictures, twitter updates, and all kinds of cool, fun, techie things we do today generally not only applies date-time stamps to the posts, but your location as well.  So, now we’re being tracked.

And what about cookies?  No, not the kind with chocolate chips.  The cookies I’m talking about are deposited onto your system when visiting web sites.  These cookies are growing by leaps and bounds.  The whole purpose is to gather information about you, compile a profile of your likes, dislikes, websites you visit, etc. and hopefully sell that data to marketing companies.

So, something to think about.

(You do realize a machine designed to read your thoughts and impressions is in the works, right?  So, now while you think about being surrounded by clouds, cell phones and cookies you can rest assured that some machine somewhere will be able to record that too.)

What do you think?