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Cloud-based voice, fax and auto attendant service

This is a picture of two hands using a phone which is equipped with cloud based voice, fax, and auto attendant serviceEvery now and then you find a turn-key answering service provider that does it all! If your call center or answering service vendor of choice can get you cloud based communication systems on tap, then you are on to something! Local number and toll-free versions of cloud-based voicemail, fax, and auto attendant service can be extremely useful in a number of cases.

Let’s say you are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Your vendor is providing you answering service in Houston, Texas. So your answering service gives you a toll-free call forwarding number to send your calls to. Usually, that is just fine. But what if you need a local Indianapolis number? You can sign up for a remote call forwarding number with the local provider in Indianapolis (expect to pay at least $35/month for that, plus a contract, plus high per-minute rates), or you can have your provider order a cloud-based remote expansion number for you, which just happens to have a local Indianapolis exchange. Voilà! (That’s French “Another problem solved!” in case you didn’t know.)

Another highly useful tool that can help businesses with extremely high call volume or multiple types of calls are Auto-attendants, which can organize and route calls where they need to go before they go to the answering service. Auto-attendants, and even voicemail, can save time and money. A great answering service will be able to build a custom auto attendant service for any purpose you need, whether you need an answering service in Indianapolis, or anywhere else, nationwide.



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