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Choose a “Low Price” Answering Service and Pay the Price


A low price answering service might seem like a great thing at first, but you’ll quickly find out that the ultimate price is much steeper than you bargained for.

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When you choose a professional live answering service, you must know exactly what you are signing up for. Before you pick a provider, ask yourself this question: Are you basing your decision strictly on price or are you looking for a high-quality support service? Most would answer, “A little of both.” Everyone wants to save money. Everyone wants a good value. But can you get both with a live answering service?

Yes! But many are fooled by the disingenuous offers of the low price answering service vendors. The thing is that low price answering services pride themselves on one thing… low price. What you commonly find with these call centers  is that service and performance both suffer. They  may offer a low fee, but they do not have the internal resources to provide complete, comprehensive and consistent service.

Here is an example of what can happen when you hire a low price answering service…

Recently, we brought on  a new customer who runs a successful plumbing company. This gentleman called Sound Telecom because he was not happy with the service he was getting from his low price answering service — long hold times, rude operators and missed messages. We weren’t entirely surprised.

He estimated that we would handle 300 calls each month for him based on the activity he was seeing with his previous provider. During his first month with us we processed 600 calls — twice his initial estimate!  Together, we were able to  determined that the extra 300 calls he received that month were simply calls that were not answered by the low price answering service. They had been just straight up missing half of his calls because they weren’t staffed well enough!

So we reworked his plan with a cost effective design to account for his actual call volume. In the end, we doubled this customer’s after-hours business and allowed him to capture thousands of dollars each month in previously lost opportunities.

So is it really worth putting your business reputation at risk just to save a few bucks with a low price answering service?  Or would you prefer an answering service that provides true value?

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