What is a Call Center? (11 things you should know)

A call center is a business office, building or setting where call agents receive and process large volumes of telephone calls, often for customer service purposes. People, phones, and computers. There are generally lots of each in a call center. A call center is a centralized location where the main

Protect and Enhance Your Brand with a Dedicated Inbound Contact Center

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today and as a result your customer base is growing faster than you expected. Congratulations! Now all of the phone inquiries, emails, live chat interactions, social media requests, tweets, etc. are all starting to get overwhelming, aren't they?  A dedicated

The five most significant costs you can avoid by using an answering service

So how much does it cost to answer, say, 300 “after-hours” calls each month? Let’s say that you find an answering service that charges about $.90/minute to answer calls. A live support program designed to answer 300 calls per month will run about $270. GASP! $270 per month!!!! Now let’s compare