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Best of the 2018 Sound Telecom Blog

Our blog continued to rumble along  this year as it was fueled by some great authors, guest posts, and refreshed content. Here are a few of the favorites from 2018.

Image celebrating the best Sound Telecom blog posts of 2018

7 Traits That Mean You’re Ready to Be an Entrepreneur (Otherwise Don’t Quit Your Day Job)

Image of an entrepreneur visualizing the traits for success

There are certain traits that individuals must possess if they want to be successful entrepreneurs. If these ring true for you, then it may be time to get that startup launched.

The Biggest Risk To A Small Business Is Its Owner. Here’s Why.

Image of a small business owner who is unknowingly the biggest threat to her company

Small business owners are ultimately responsible for the success of their company, which is why they can also be the biggest threat.

5 Critical Things Many Entrepreneurs Forget to Do When They Launch a Startup

Image of an entrepreneur writing down everything necessary for a successful startup launch

The launch phase for any business is thrilling, but can be hectic. Critical elements for smooth sailing can easily get lost in the shuffle or overlooked by eager entrepreneurs. Don’t let that happen.

Your Business Is Missing Out If You Don’t Offer Bilingual Phone Support

Image of a call center agent providing bilingual phone support

Not offering bilingual phone support means your business is unable to connect with a massive customer segment. But there’s no reason that should be the case when professional bilingual answering services are available.

The 4 Biggest Customer Service Challenges for Small Businesses

Image of a businesswoman struggling with small business customer service challenges

Dedicating the time and resources to provide consistently great customer service can be a challenge for small businesses. Here are four of the biggest customer service hurdles in the world of small biz.

The 10 Best Reasons to Outsource Telecom Services

Image of a call center agent that businesses have outsourced their telecom functions to

There are many reasons to outsource telecom services for your business, but these are ten of the best.

How a HIPAA Compliant Call Center Delivers Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Call Center Solutions

Medical professionals have numerous specialized telecom requirements and a customized HIPAA compliant call center is the perfect solution.

How to Develop an Inbound Customer Support Campaign

Image of call center representatives working on an inbound customer support campaign

Critical planning considerations you must know to create a successful inbound customer support program.

Virtual Receptionist Services – What Are They and How Do They Work?

Image of Sound Telecom agents providing virtual receptionist services

You may have heard of a Virtual Receptionist as it’s a term that’s grown in relevance over the last few years, but what is it exactly and how can your company benefit from this type of service?

Sound Telecom Selected as a 2018 Clutch Global Leader

Image of a badge awarded to top B2B companies by Clutch in 2018

We were recently chosen by Clutch as a 2018 Top Global B2B Company for our work in the call center industry. It was impossible to leave out this honor as we round out our top articles from the year.

Here’s to more great content in 2019!

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