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Avoid These Bad Leadership Habits

If you want to be a good leader, avoid pitfalls like these bad leadership habits.

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Everyone has  the opportunity to be in leadership roles at various points in life. Whether you spend your summer as a camp counselor, volunteer as a mentor, have a job as a mid level manager, or are the CEO of a company, you always get a chances to be a good leader. At some time or another, people will be looking to you for direction, so don’t screw it up! No pressure.

When people are looking to you as a leader it can be difficult to respond well in that roll. But it is possible to be successful as a leader as long as you avoid some habits that are sure to torpedo your efforts. Here’s some bad leadership habits that you should avoid in order to set yourself up for success.

Refuse to make changes

Some leaders just get set in their ways. Maybe it’s because the way they do something is just most comfortable to them. Perhaps they stick with a certain method, because it has worked well in the past. Or it could be that they just don’t know any other way to go about doing something and lack an interest in exploring other options. But no matter what, if a leader consistently refuses to make changes, they are on a collision course with failure. Successful leaders are constantly looking for changes to make that have a positive impact on their organizations and people.

Work 24/7

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with having a passion for your business and a drive to always be working on something. But that can come at a cost. Leaders who never leave the office often make their employees feel like they shouldn’t be taking breaks or going on vacation. This can quickly lead to burnout for everyone involved. A good leader needs to know when to “clock out” and maintain a good work-life balance. They’ll be happier in the long run and their employees will follow suit.

Using fear to manage

Nobody wants to be part of an organization who has a leader that uses fear as his primary management tactic. Sure, employees will probably do what they’re asked to do, but you can bet that they’re always looking for another job. Talented individuals will flee in droves if they are constantly scared of their superiors. What a good leader should make a habit of doing is treating everyone with kindness and respect. Members of the company will pick up that habit as well and it will have a trickle down effect all the way to how your customers are treated.

There are so many more bad leadership habits out there. In fact, Gordon Tredgold wrote an article for Inc. that explores 20 Habits of Unsuccessful and Ineffective Leaders that we highly recommend you check if you’d like to continue reading on this topic.

Good luck and remember that we can all be great leaders if we avoid bad leadership habits!

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