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More Answering Service Twitter Action


Another answering service tweet that surfaced reminds us how important proper branding of your phones is.

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Well this one is certainly ironic. One wouldn’t guess that their call to the United States Conference of Bishops would be handled in a rude manner. At least Paul G. had a good sense of humor about it and was able to see the irony. People don’t hesitate to take to Twitter to voice their complaints about answering services. This particular tweet is at least a little funny, but also provides lessons to be learned.

Sure, some calls you would expect to be handled more professionally than others, but isn’t everyone entitled to be treated nicely no matter who they are dialing? Absolutely! Every business and organization needs to provide a quality experience for every caller, and if they use an answering service that can’t provide that on a consistent basis, they need to find another service provider.

It is crucial that answering services remember who they are representing and commit to being an extension of that brand. When Paul G. called the United States Conference of Bishops, even though he got their answering service, he was still effectively speaking with the USCB. Poor encounters like Paul had can easily make their way into the public eye just like this tweet did. That can be embarrassing for an organization, and they would in turn be forced to have a conversation with their answering service that would not be fun.

Sometimes it can be difficult for call center agents to put aside personal issues that are affecting their lives so that they don’t creep into their attitudes on the phone. While it may be tough at times, a good answering service employs agents who are masters of remaining professional, friendly, and courteous no matter what.



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