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Answering Service and Call Center Q&A: Episode 4


People across the U.S. have inquiries about what answering services and call centers can do for their companies. This is where we provide answers for those questions.

Image of a call center agent taking questions about answering services

Our latest blog series is the result of real questions that people have about answering service and call center solutions. Folks submit these inquiries to us through our Contact Us form, and we thought that if one person is asking, there must be others with questions along the same lines. So let’s get to some of those questions and our answers…

“We need phone coverage M-F 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM and Sat/Sun from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM. We just under 4 calls per day during these hours. Would you be able to take a message and send it to the assigned staff member ASAP via email AND phone call? FYI, the assigned staff person will change once per week. We have someone providing this service for us right now, but we are not satisfied with our current vendor.”

Got stuck with a bad answering service provider, huh? That’s too bad. Hopefully you aren’t locked into a contract so you can escape to a quality vendor who can do what you need and do it well. To answer your question, yes, we can certainly provide phone coverage during those times, take a message, and then send it to whoever happens to be on-call via phone call AND email. As long as you keep us updated with a correct on-call list, we get the right message to the right person at the right time. Passing the message along using more than one format is no problem.

“We are seeking an answering service to handle our calls. Can you take overflow telephone calls when all lines are in use AND field all after-hours calls?”

100% yes, and we can tell you’ve got your head in a good place. We actually recommend an answering service program like this to many customers. After-hours answering services are all well and good, but many people don’t consider what happens during the day when the phones get busy. If you have no backup plan in place then you’re just missing calls that come in while the other lines are full. And that’s no good. Every call needs to be answered promptly by a live person whether that’s by you or us. So yes, we can absolutely provide overflow coverage as well as after hours answering service support.

“I’m doing research on getting a call service for my CrossFit gym. We currently just use someone’s personal number as the gym’s number and we get a high volume of calls. 70% are spammy and a waste of our time. We need a service that can weed out the trash, and provide info about our gym/services, take messages, and have the ability to sign people up for our different member packages over the phone. Would you be able to do that for us during normal operating hours?”

Alright, a CrossFit gym! We’ve got connections with a handful of gyms and always enjoy working with people who are dedicated to bettering themselves. Anyway, yes, we can provide answering service coverage for you during normal operating hours. We can also get you an 800 number or new local number to use for your gym so the person the calls currently go to doesn’t go crazy. We’ll answer your calls, properly fend off the junk calls, and then professionally handle all the legit calls. We can share info with callers and answer basic questions about your gym and programs. We’ll relay any messages to you however you like, and we can also get people signed up for your member packages with a nice inbound call center program while you focus on running your CrossFit Gym.

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