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Answering Service and Call Center Q&A: Episode 2


People just like you are asking questions about what answering services and call centers can do for them. Here is where we will try to provide some answers as a resource.

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Our original post on this topic, Answering Service and Call Center Q&A, explored some questions submitted to us via our Contact Us form fill. While we always answer the people who ask, we figure if one person is asking there are probably more of you out there who have the same question. So perhaps we will just make this an ongoing thing to provide answers publicly every so often in case others have similar questions.

Round 2: here we go…

“We are a small business, but not always able to answer the phone. We’re looking to create a more professional presence while always ensuring calls get answered. Would you be able to act as an extension of our business? We would prefer that callers believe they are talking to someone that works here.”

It just so happens that working with small businesses as an extension of their company is one of our favorite things. We understand that small business owners have a million things going on and that answering every call can be super difficult, because you’re trying to run every other aspect of the company. But missing calls can mean missing sales and that’s no bueno either. It’s a real catch 22, so that’s where we come in and provide a professional, helpful phone experience for your callers and they never know they aren’t speaking to someone in your building. You’re happy. They’re happy. Everyone wins. Here’s an article that is fully applicable: 4 Best Features of an Answering Service for Small Businesses

“Hi, I serve the South Florida area from Fort Lauderdale to Key West. My practice is small but caters to high end clients who are accustomed to prompt, professional, excellent service. Due to the current real estate boom around here I am implementing new marketing projects and expect an increase in telephone calls. Having the ability to handle calls in Spanish is a must. Is this something you could help me with?”

It sounds like you’ve got a boutique business situation where you provide very specialized services. Well, we sort of like to think of ourselves as a boutique answering service, because we work closely with you to fully customize a prompt, professional, excellent program that fits your unique needs. And Spanish is no problemo. It sounds like our Bilingual Answering Services would be the perfect fit here.

“Hello. We are a semi-independent state agency that is looking to replace our current answering service with one that can more precisely meet our needs. We manage over a dozen rest areas across the country and have to provide a 24-hour phone number for emergency service. We have staff assigned to each location who can be called for an emergency or emailed with non-emergency messages. Our current provider is unable to accommodate a changing on-call schedule for more than 8 locations. Would you be able to meet our needs?”

We work with a lot of different organizations (including government agencies) that have very in-depth call and message routing needs to go along with their numerous on-call schedules and locations. Based on your definition of an emergency, we can route calls to the right people at the right time, or just send them a message if it isn’t urgent. And we aren’t going to limit you on how many locations you can have set up with us. Whether it’s 2, 8, 20, or 100, we’ll work with you to dial in an ideal plan for your answering service and call center needs.

Well that’s all the Q&A action we’ll cover this time around, but keep an eye out for future editions!



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