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How to Achieve First Call Resolution

There are few things better in the customer service arena than achieving first call resolution. Your callers love it and it feels great as a rep to deliver that kind of satisfying customer experience.

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First Call Resolution. What a wonderful phrase! It means no worries, for the rest of your days. At least for the rest of your customer’s days! Because it means exactly what you think it means. Your customer only needed to call in once to get the resolution they needed! Their issue, whatever it may be, was resolved on the first call, and it can feel pretty awesome.

Not only are callers pleased with their experience, but as a customer service representative, it feels like a job well-done. Customer service agents who can provide first call resolution are empowered and should have a sense of accomplishment when they are able to deliver ideal results for clients the first time they call.

Here are some tips on how to achieve such a wonderful thing, and  achieve first call resolution for all your callers.

– Be Proactive
Can you see if something else may go wrong for their account in the near future? Will your resolution on this call create an issue later? Have you confirmed that the issue is actually resolved? Being proactive with your customers’ needs and knowing what they need even before they do can be an amazing tool to achieve first call resolution.

Updated training methods and content can be incredibly valuable. Customer service should be ever changing. There are always ways improve service and businesses that put in the effort to continually look for ways to enhance their customer experiences are the ones that thrive. Keeping yourself and other employees in the loop when it comes to the latest updates and improvements can ensure that your your customers get the best care possible. First call resolution is part of a great customer experience.

You can’t personally solve ‘em all and you want to make sure that your customer knows what they need to do next to get things taken care of. Rather than contacting you and getting nowhere because it may not be something you can solve, get them to the correct people inside or outside your company. Having to transfer a caller isn’t always ideal, but if you must do it, then make sure you are getting them to the right person to take care of their issue. Customers don’t like being bounced around to different departments only to have to explain their issue over and over, so keep the transfers to a minimum.

-Right Person, Right Time
If you do have to point them in the direction of another one of your people who will be able to resolve their issue, before connecting the two parties, make sure you give your people applicable background information. Callers don’t like having to repeat every piece of their story, so prep your team before connecting the call to make sure they are ready to jump right in and help attain first call resolution.

-Inform of Turnaround Time
Like all things good in life, first call resolution can take time. The process of resolving someone’s issue  is often no different. Turnaround times can be one of the major reasons someone calls in again. Make sure they know they may have to wait a certain amount of business days to see the resolution take effect; keeping them in the loop on the turnaround time can instill confidence in your customer that their issue is currently in the process of being resolved if it’s not something that can be taken care of 100% right then and there on the call.

By following these tips and working some of your own customer service magic, you can resolve your customer’s issues on that first call. This makes for happy customers, and a happy customer is the best customer.

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