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5 Ways to Help Yourself Wake Up Earlier


We can’t all be morning people, so use these five fresh ideas to help yourself wake up earlier and get your day off to a great start.

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If you’re like me, you just can’t understand morning people. They are a true enigma. How anyone can simply pop out of bed before it’s even light out and kick their day into gear just like that isn’t comprehensible. I admire that trait that I can only assume they were born with as I cycle through snoozes half a dozen times each morning, unable to achieve productivity until hours after true morning people have hit their stride. However, lately I’ve been experimenting with a few different ways to help myself wake up earlier. These five have worked to varying degrees of success for me and maybe they will help you too.

Get just the right amount of sleep

Of course you’re going to want to stay in bed if you haven’t gotten enough sleep. On the other hand, sleeping too long oddly makes you groggy and tired too. So make sure you know how much sleep your body needs. 7 hours is my magic number. If I need to be up by 8:00 am, I make sure I’m asleep by 1:00 am at the latest (And no, I don’t mean in bed by then. I mean actually asleep). Or maybe I’m tired a little earlier on a particular night and feel like hitting the hay at 10:00 pm. That’s totally fine, but I’ll be getting up at 5:00 am. It sounds wicked early, but I’m still getting my full 7 hours of sleep.

Drink water before bed

You’ll have to test this one out a few times to get the amount dialed in, but drinking some water right before going to bed can help get you up and moving at just the perfect time in the morning. But be careful, because if you drink too much, you’ll wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you’re about to explode! And having a good sleep interrupted because you must get up and use the bathroom is the worst. I’ve found that if I down about 250 mL of water as I’m going to bed, it’s a nice natural alarm around my 7 hour mark. Experiment for yourself and see how much water works best to help you wake up earlier.

Be responsible for waking someone else up

Tell your roommate that you’ll make coffee and wake them up in the morning. Promise your sibling that you’ll call them and be their alarm. Warn your best friend that you’re going to FaceTime with them to wake them up every AM so you can both start the day with a laugh at each others goofy bed head. If you are responsible for making sure someone else you care about is waking up, then you are far less likely to oversleep and sabotage both your days.

Plan something enjoyable for the next morning

Set yourself up to read a chapter in that book you just haven’t been able to put down. Get out and go for a run or do some yoga to kickstart your day. Or just have the materials to make yourself a super legit breakfast. If all you have to do is roll out of bed and commute to the office, getting up doesn’t sound very enticing. But if you’ve got a little something to look forward to in the morning, waking up earlier gets a bit easier.

Try a unique alarm

There are alarm apps you can download on your phone that won’t shut off until you’ve solved a puzzle or answered a math question. Sure, it sounds like it might be a horrible way to wake up, but it’s really not too bad. Plus, it gets your brain going and once you’ve entered the answer, your mind is already awake and ready to get going. FreakyAlarm is definitely worth checking out if you need to help yourself wake up earlier. There are different difficulty levels for the problems and puzzles it presents so you can choose just how much of a jumpstart your brain needs in the morning.

I can’t promise any of these will transform you into a morning person. But give one, a combination, or all of these a try and you’ll be able to at least have an easier time waking yourself up earlier.

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