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5 Apps You Should Have on Your Android Phone

If you’ve got an Android phone, these are five of the apps you should download immediately.

Image of an Android phone with five of the best apps

Dear iPhone users, this post is not for you. Now go stand in line for the iPhone 62 or whatever version they are on now. Wait! We’re just kidding. We really do love you, iPhone fans, and we’ll be sure to do a top apps article for you soon. Promise. But for now, it’s all about the five apps you should have on your Android Phone!

But first, we just want to say that we aren’t including any apps for games or music. Everybody has their own thing when it comes to those, so we’ll let you do you there. Instead we’ll look at five incredibly useful apps that ALL Android users should have on their phone.

First up…


We’ve all got our favorite websites for news and blogs. And Feedly brings all your favorites into one place. You simply tell the app what your favorite sites are, topics you’re interested in, industries you follow, or authors you like, and BAM! Everything you want to check out is pulled into a custom reading list. No more bouncing around from site to site trying to catch up.


This is your new favorite way to get organized, stay productive, and not forget anything. First, Evernote lets you take notes. But not only by tapping words in. You can speak to Evernote and it will record what you have to say or translate it to text. Evernote even lets you take pictures of things and it makes the text searchable! Oh, also you can set reminders, make lists, and share files with others. It’s got plenty of other features too and it’s all on a clean, easy-to-use interface.


Everyone knows about Skype. Well, it works on your Android too. This is your answer to the iPhone’s FaceTime. Free voice and video calls from pretty much anywhere in the world. Video conferencing options too. Skype still rocks. Here’s more about Skype and Android.

Google Drive

This is one of those apps that brings the power of your desktop to your phone. Sure, it’s a cloud storage platform that syncs your documents across all devices. But it’s also let’s you create, edit, share, and collaborate on spreadsheets, text docs, presentations and more.

CM Security Antivirus

Honestly, mobile phone security isn’t discussed as often as it should, and not nearly enough people take it seriously enough to protect themselves. CM Security Antivirus is a consistently top-rated app that protects your device from viruses and phishing. It actually does a lot of other nifty security stuff too like automatically taking a selfie of anyone who tries putting in the wrong pass code a couple times. There are a lot of great mobile security apps out there. Load up!

Want a whole lot more app recommendations for your Android phone? Here are The 100 Best Android Apps by PC Mag.

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