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4 Popular Preconceived Notions About Call Centers, Addressed

There are certain misguided stigmas associated with the telecom industry, so we figured it would be a good idea to address a few of the more common notions about call centers.

Image of the call center at Sound Telecom where they perform telephone answering services for businesses who opt to outsource their telecom functions

Here are four of the preconceived notions about call centers that some people have in their minds:

1. Outsourcing is bad
2. Reaching a call center call agent is wasted time
3. Pricing is a rip-off
4. Businesses who provide telemarketing services are unethical

Now, let’s dive in to each of these notions about call centers to see if we can debunk them…

1. Outsourcing is bad
People will sometimes associate outsourcing as a negative action, but it’s not all the same. For starters, offshore outsourcing draws negative connotations for some good reasons, but outsourcing that is kept in the United States is a good thing! Outsourcing your calls to a high-quality call center such as Sound Telecom actually frees up a business to focus on their core competencies and puts calls into the hands of highly trained US-based agents.  What people often do not realize is that a business works closely with their call center provider to create a quality experience for each customer.  The business spends a lot of time building a customized  support solution that will cater to its customers needs in the best possible way.

2. Reaching a call center call agent is wasted time
A call agent can be useful for many things, such as directing you to the right person for information or taking a message that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.  If  a representative weren’t  available to attend the call, the business could have been too busy to answer the phone or listen to the message left on a machine. By reaching a real, live person, the customer can be assured that their concern has been heard and will be relayed to the correct person. While some experiences speaking with a call center agent can be frustrating, that can often be blamed on a poor program, because good call center programs are actually quite effective when it comes to providing a great customer experience. Partnering with a call center really enhances customer service.

3. Pricing is a rip-off
Pricing can be bad, if one doesn’t know what the most important things they should inspect when shopping for a call center outsourcing partner. Getting ripped off is a real possibility if you don’t do your homework. People often look for an inexpensive option to serve their needs and don’t realize how much the aphorism “you get what you pay for” applies in this situation.  A more reasonable rate is likely representative of better service.  You also want to look out for paying by the call, rather than by the minute.  People often think paying by the call is a better deal because a thirty minute call comes out to the same rate as an issue that took five minutes to resolve.  However, you will be charged for every “oops, wrong number” call, as well. A good call center program can be built to fit specific budgets while achieving impressive results. Remember that cost effective design is more important than price.

4. Businesses who provide telemarketing services are unethical
Telemarketing can often have a very distinct stigma.  Telemarketing can be bothersome when someone is receiving cold calls for things unrelated to anything to which they are associated, and there are some companies who use unethical practices.  However,  there are some call centers out there that don’t accept just any telemarketing request. They require a list of verified leads so that the people they call actually find what they have to offer useful. You may be surprised how many doors can be opened with a simple phone conversation. With the right expectations, the right target market, and good feedback, telemarketing is still an incredibly useful tool.

So, there you have it: four common notions about call centers dispelled. Often times, negative connotations about call centers are developed by one bad encounter or one of the few shady call centers. The reality is that there are lots of great call centers out there that do a fantastic job helping out their business partners while providing exceptional customer experiences for callers.

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