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The 3 Most Effective Responses Your Answering Service Can Provide


When someone calls your business and gets your answering service, do they know what to say to provide the most effective customer service experience? Consider these three scripting suggestions…

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A number of our customers have emailed or called us asking, “What is the best kind of response you can give to my callers?” As a team we thought about this and it seemed like such a broad question at first. But the more we pondered our response to this inquisitive customer we realized that the answer was quite simple. There are three very effective responses that every answering service can provide to your callers, regardless of the industry you are in:

  1. “I can help.” Sometimes it doesn’t matter what industry you are in or why you have hired an answering service. The over-arching response to any and all situation is to have your answering service display a spirit of helpfulness. What if you are unavailable? Your answering service can help! What if your office is closed due to an emergency? Your service can help! What if your caller has a critical emergency? We’re here to help! By virtue of simply answering the phone your answering service is already helping your caller. They are there to respond and deliver a message. This is helpful and this is why you have employed a service.

  3. “I understand what you are saying.” Your answering service agents need to display careful active listening skills. People need to be heard and understood. By listening to a caller and repeating back to them what they are saying you are validating the importance of their issue. Once a caller feels validated they feel appreciated and respected. This, in itself, is also very helpful to the callers and will do wonders for your customer service credibility.

  5. “I will relay your message.” Why is your service there in the first place? To relay a message, most likely. .Even though your answering service cannot perform the vast array of customer support, technical support or sales support functions that you and your team do, they can certainly take a detailed message and get that information quickly to someone that can help. Once your callers understand that your service can help, that they are listening to the problem being presented, and that they will quickly relay correct information to the right person at the right time – BINGO! You are providing excellent customer service.

Call your answering service today. Test them out. See if they exude a “spirit of helpfulness” or if they sound like they are just plugging away at a keyboard. When your answering service gets these three things right, they will be providing the responses necessary to make you and your callers extremely happy.

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