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Fast and efficient Text Message Dispatch services
Call in - message out. It is just that simple. And just that quick. The use of text message dispatch is a cost-effective, easy way for you to be accessible to anyone you want – customers, staff, patients, family and friends – 24 hours a day, every day. Sound Telecom Text Message Dispatch allows you to rest assured that you will receive critical messages instantly as long as you have your device on you. Our phone messaging service provides highly trained, professional operators who will answer your calls with a customized greeting that we develop with you, accurately record your messages, and then immediately dispatch them to your cell phone, pager, or other wireless device. Simple and effective.

Sound Telecom Text Message Dispatch Service includes: 

  • Message to Cell, Pager, or Other Devices: have messages and callback numbers delivered to your device rapidly based on your specifications
  • Service Dispatch: messages are delivered to on-call personnel immediately for a quick response time in critical situations
  • Multi-pager and Corporate Billing Plans: simplify account management and billing with Sound Telecom as your single source for multiple message dispatch services that cover multiple locations
  • Local and Nationwide Pagers: keep in touch with your world no matter where you go with local, regional, and nationwide coverage
  • Hard Copy Message Back-up: hard copies of your messages are always available in the event you need them and can be sent to you via fax, email, snail mail, or downloadable online
  • Message Archive Retrieval: we give you immediate access to messages archived up to three months and all your messages are stored for up to seven years 

An affordable, simple text message dispatch service that is customized to perfectly fit your needs is going to give you the freedom and functionality you desire. Focus on the things you need to do while never missing another call.

We provide nationwide service and can assist you no matter where you live. Feel free to browse our directory.