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Welcome Call Programs

Give your customers a proper welcome
The welcome call is, quite possibly, one of the most important calls you will ever make to your new customer. It is your first interface with them after the sale has closed. Now, customer service steps in to begin building the all-important customer relationship. Do not miss the opportunity to get your customers started on the right foot with a professionally managed welcome call. Introduce your company, your support team and your brand image. Thank customers for their patronage and then give them the information they need to properly use your services and make contact with you in the future. Keep your sales team focused on sales. Then let Sound Telecom welcome your new customers on board. Show them that you care and that you appreciate their business.

Benefits of Sound Telecom’s Welcome Call Programs:

  • Set up new accounts
  • Gather necessary customer data
  • Provide important information about your company
  • Explain products and services
  • Offer key support contact information
  • Avoid hiring additional staff for special promotions or one-time events
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Begin each new relationship with a positive impression
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer loyalty

One of the most important words in business is “hello.” With Sound Telecom’s welcome call services you will be sure you never miss an opportunity to say it. Thrill your customers with an immediate expression of gratitude. Our courteous and professional operators will build your brand image with a personal and memorable customer service interaction. Contact us today and discover how you can start building meaningful, more profitable customer relationships.


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