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Membership Programs

Membership programs save time and build your customer base
Sound Telecom combines the best of our outbound telemarketing programs with effective customer support services to develop membership and subscription programs that drive results and build your customer base. Don’t wait around for your customers to send in their renewal forms. Call them on the phone, talk to them, and make sure you can count on their business again and again. Often, your customers will thank you for the reminder call while they are renewing their service contract with you. Our professional outbound support team sounds like an extension of your own customer service staff. Friendly, professional and courteous is the name of the game! Let us work hard to keep your customers intact and subscription rates high.

Conduct effective business renewal programs
Sound Telecom has the agent resources needed to efficiently and professionally conduct a successful membership or subscription request program. We will:

  • Contact enrollees to explain how a program works
  • Make calls to sell membership programs or subscriptions for a specific product or service
  • Reach into new markets to generate interest for your product or service
  • Free-up valuable time and resources so you can concentrate on mission-critical tasks

Benefits of Sound Telecom’s membership and subscription renewal programs:

  • Maintain existing customer base
  • Prevent customer attrition
  • Grow business by reaching into new markets
  • Improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Devote internal resources to other core business tasks

Sound Telecom has a passion for customers; your customers! We want to reach each and every one of them and help them stay involved with your business. Don’t just count on that renewal notice arriving in the mail. Make positive change happen in your subscription base by taking charge and developing a program that stays ahead of sales. Contact us today and discover how you can start building longer, more profitable customer relationships.


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