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Trust and professionalism exemplify every transaction
Each time a customer or prospect reaches out to you, there is an opportunity to be gained or lost. Put our Inbound Call Center services where your need is greatest. We will capture every opportunity and provide customer support at all hours of the day or night. Impress your customers and win them over with careful, considerate handling. When your customers trust you, they stay with you. Our industry-leading inbound call center is just the right size for every project you need help with. We are more than just a call center. We offer the trust, value, and expertise you need to keep your business front and center in the minds of your customers.

Comprehensive, dedicated, and shared inbound call center support
We handle short-term and long-term support programs. Our goal is to help you develop a program that is optimally-sized for your organization. We offer a unique blend of dedicated and shared-agent support models. Since 1986, we have honed our skills at being adept, nimble, and responsive. Over the years, we have translated our skills into highly effective, targeted inbound support models. When you need live agent support, you will find the right solutions with us. Your personalized call center service programs will include:

  • Progressive and detailed agent training
  • Script development, enhancement, and execution
  • Meaningful reporting, data delivery, and accountability at every level
  • Quality assessment and active program monitoring

People + passion + great technology = exceptional results
Sound Telecom constantly invests in high quality call center technology so that our agents have every tool they need to provide service to your customers. Our legacy and cloud-based systems work together to provide a hassle-free customer experience. Technology is only valuable to your customers if it helps translate customer need into a meaningful interaction. We aren’t robots. We’re a group of committed professionals that want to use the tools available to serve you and your customers.

Our integrated service platforms are stable, scalable, and flexible so we can accommodate your changing needs. Technology helps our agents perform their job more efficiently and effectively. Our management and training programs guarantee a friendly, helpful tone each time the phone rings. That is why Sound Telecom is committed to comprehensive, on-going agent training, and monitoring. We ensure that professional, experienced, and courteous individuals are answering your calls. This focus has earned Sound Telecom recognition as an excellent service provider within the industry.

Sound Telecom’s Inbound Call Center Services include:

The key to a successful inbound call center program is to ensure your customers receive prompt, courteous, and accurate service – every time. Order taking, scheduling, help desk, event registration, and live chat are just a few of the ways that we interact with your customers. Our team of professional agents will give each of your customers undivided attention and consideration followed by a quick resolution.

World class support that meets real world budgets
The whole idea behind business process outsourcing is to allow you to expand your business and meet your customers needs without spending a fortune. Sound Telecom provides economically efficient support programs that cost a fraction of most in-house models. Grow your business and keep your customers. Do it while you control costs and manage your bottom line. Call us today and discover how you can provide a higher level of service that fits your budget.


We provide nationwide service and can assist you no matter where you live. Feel free to browse our directory.