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Database Management Programs

Database management increases data accuracy
All companies struggle in some way with data management. According to nearly 90% of all customer lists are incomplete in some way with 21% of those lists containing “dead” data. Companies spend billions of dollars each year trying to manage their data. But why go through all the effort for a one-time fix? Sound Telecom can support you with a reliable data management program that will keep your most precious commodity, your customer list, in tip-top shape.

Build a database you can actually use
Don’t wait until you are in the throes of your latest marketing campaign only to find out your customer list is bunk. A customer database is only as valuable as the information it contains. Data management and hygiene is an extremely necessary and time-consuming task that most companies cannot, or do not, perform. Sound Telecom has the time, the resources and the know-how to contact customers and prospects to obtain missing information, verify existing data and fill in the gaps with accurate information. A more accurate database will make your prospecting and customer management easier and more efficient.

Benefits of Sound Telecom’s Database Management and Optimization Programs:

  • Prevent data from becoming outdated and unusable
  • Optimize your sales teams by keeping them on target
  • Standardize your entire database with reliable consistency
  • Transform old lists into useful sales and marketing tools
  • Improve speed-to-market by quickly updating data lists
  • Ensure compliance with diligent recordkeeping on all contacts

Remember, if just one of your sales agents calls just 12 wrong numbers a day, that will waste 20 hours a month in productivity. You cannot be efficient, nor effective, if your data lists are not properly optimized. Sound Telecom’s data management programs provide comprehensive and ongoing hygiene strategies that will pay dividends month in-month out. We specialize in data optimization. Let us help you today.

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