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Call Center Services

Final Call Center

Multi-channel business process outsourcing is at your fingertips

Isn’t it great when a company does what it advertises? Sound Telecom develops remarkable call center solutions that really work. Excellent customer service must be the result of every business interaction and transaction. Seamless integration is a fundamental building block of proper call center outsourcing. When your customers talk to us, it is like they are talking to you. Sound Telecom adopts your culture and your processes to deliver a brand of support that is totally unique to your business. Experience a close, personal working relationship with a company that has a passion for serving others. Let us provide a professional, knowledgeable and consistent customer service experience every time. By phone, email or chat, Sound Telecom will deliver a solid outsourcing solution at a lower cost than you might expect.

Inbound Call Center Services
To serve your customers and serve them well today, you have to be responsive and professional. Customers are constantly adopting new technologies such as mobile support and social media. You have to meet the need to provide contact center solutions that make sense to your customers. That is why Sound Telecom offers a quality mixture of support programs that put a “smile” into customer service 24/7. We can build inbound, outbound, and web-centered BPO programs that keep customers and prospects coming back for more.

Technical Support and Help Desk Services
Question: How many times should your customers have to call in to receive a proper resolution to their issue?
Answer: One

Give us the tools that we need to properly assist your technical support processes and we will deliver a high percentage of first-call resolution transactions. It’s really quite simple. People want to talk to other people that listen, show understanding, and are willing to take ownership to resolve issues. That means you must have passion for what you do. Sound Telecom puts its passion for serving others into every level of our technical support programs. That is why our help desk programs have a natural, normal feeling. We love to solve problems. And help desk support is just another way to show your customers that you really care about their issues. Let us put the human touch back into your technical support.

Live Chat Services
Chat is one of the most effective methods of customer support available today. Live chat support allows your customers to interact with you in real time even in the middle of an active transaction. Did you know that a recent ATG customer service survey trend found that 90% of customers find live chat helpful? Did you know that 63% of customers are more likely to return to a website if live chat support is available? Don’t underestimate the power of live chat. Live chat support is convenient and affordable. It also enhances your sales, minimizes customer service issues, and improves your customer service edge. Businesses that are on the move provide live chat services to facilitate a real-time customer service environment. Sound Telecom will represent your brand image in every chat transaction.

Email Management Services
In today’s business world, most consumers expect a response to an email query within 1.25 business days. According to Toister Performance Solutions only 10% of businesses respond to emails within 4 hours.

Why should your customers have to wait so long?

Sound Telecom will protect your organization from a backlog of customer service emails and respond nearly in real time. Your customers can receive responses to your emails within 5 minutes, on average. The more quickly you respond, the faster you will “wow” your customers. Exceed your customer’s expectations with fast, consistent and accurate email response. We also take care to keep your customer interactions confidential. Your customers won’t know they are talking to Sound Telecom. They’ll just be thrilled that you are responding to their email so quickly.

Business Process Outsourcing Services
Offshore or onshore? Nearshore or domestic? Local or national? Do you even know where to find quality customer service anymore?

Sound Telecom makes business process outsourcing (BPO) simple. We provide high-quality customer service support programs that you would handle yourself, if you could. BPO is a great way to allow for service specialization. Grow your business quickly and keep your costs controlled. Sound Telecom works effectively and efficiently to fill each and every important customer service need your company has: inbound, outbound, email and live chat support.

Stop searching. Let Sound Telecom’s USA-based support programs speak to your unique brand while speaking to your customers.

Website Support
You’ve got a website! Great! Now what? Are you supporting your website the way you should? Think about it. You need order processing support, technical support, email response, and live chat assistance. A website is like a child, it needs care and attention around the clock. We are great babysitters. And we provide excellent website support!

If you are just getting your first website off the ground, we’ll build a boutique program that matches your speed. If you are a seasoned SEO/SEM professional with a large, multi-channel site we’ll develop programs that seamlessly integrate with all levels of support so that your customers still feel a personal connection with your business.

  • Phone support
  • Live Chat support
  • Click-to-call support
  • Email support
  • Social medial support

Some of our other Call Center Programs include:

  • Anniversary Call Programs: Improve retention and loyalty by calling your customers on their “anniversary” and showing them you care.
  • Applicant Screening Programs: Improve efficiency by allowing us to handle all pre-qualification and screening calls from potential customers.
  • Appointment Setting Programs: Allow your sales staff to spend more time selling while we prospect new clients and set appointments.
  • Customer Retention Programs: Reduce customer loss and defection with personal calls that remind them of the benefits your company provides.
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell Programs: Maximize internal resources by having our agents contact existing customers with new offers that deepen customer relationships and increase business.
  • Database Management Programs: Improve the accuracy and usability of your customer databases by contacting customers for missing information.
  • Disaster Recovery Programs: Eliminate your continuity concerns and provide you with an effective nationwide strategy that will keep your organization online, even when it isn’t.
  • Email Management Programs: Enhance service with 24/7/365 e-mail management that provides real time response.
  • Help Desk and Technical Support Programs: Provide 24/7/365 customer and Level 1 technical support to your customers.
  • Live Chat Programs: Supplement online support with chat and the ability to push web pages and links to site visitors.
  • Market Research and Survey Programs: Gather critical research data to ensure that your marketing efforts will be a success. Our agents are trained to provide you with quality results.
  • Membership Programs: Reduce costs and save time by outsourcing the lengthy calls typically associated with membership programs and subscription requests.
  • Order Processing Programs: Expand your business with round-the-clock order processing via an electronic order form or your web-based shopping cart.
  • Overflow Support Programs: Supplement your existing call center or customer service staff during peak call volumes and/or expand your hours of operation.
  • Third Party Verification Programs: Uses a professional live operator and voice log technology to create an audible sound file recording for each of your critical customer transactions.
  • Web Call Back Programs: Humanize your website’s online experience by giving customers the option to request a live call back in minutes.
  • Welcome Calls Programs: Increase staff productivity and let us handle welcome calls to your new accounts. Our agents will gather data and provide important information about your company.

We provide nationwide service and can assist you no matter where you live. Feel free to browse our directory.