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Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude: The Importance of a Positive Attitude in a Call Center Environment


Having a positive attitude in a call center, (as well as in life in general), makes all the difference. Here’s what you can do to boost your attitude and increase your altitude in a call center or any work environment.

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Do you know someone that is  always negative, who has a complaint  about pretty much everything? It doesn’t matter whether it’s their work life, a personal situation, or life in general, they are just a downer and often bring the people around them down too. Simply put, they aren’t pleasant to be around. Every workplace in the world has a potential to harbor these sorts of people, and call centers are no exception.

I know we’ve all experienced   a down day from time to time, but a constant diet of negativity is sure to have a harsh   impact on one’s life.  Consistently making a point to focus on the bad things around us  is a dark cloud looming in the space of your mind affecting your judgment and every aspect of your life.  You become trapped by perceptions in reality don’t exist, and are only true in your mind.  So, what can we do to either help ourselves out of that hole or aid others in climbing out? It’s so important to be able to instigate positive change in our attitude. This is especially critical in a  call center environment where you communicate with so many people and have the ability to impact the majority of them with your attitude alone.

Here are a few things you can do to elevate your attitude to raise the altitude of those around you:

  1. Start the day by expressing gratitude.  It helps to get things going by  framing your thoughts with positive energy. Find something, anything to be thankful for and focus on that for just a minute. That simple shift of looking on the bright side even on a small scale can set the stage for the rest of the day.
  2. Upon arriving at the call center, check your emotional baggage at the door. It will most likely  be there waiting for you to worry about when your shift is over, but while you’re in the call center, focusing on personal problems is not going to help you or anyone else. Instead, direct your energy towards  the needs of the callers by providing them trustworthy and skillful service. Your team members can really use you on their side too. So, do yourself a favor and take an eight hour vacation from your personal issues and free yourself of worry during the work day. There is plenty of satisfaction to be gained from helping customers and being a great teammate.
  3. Use positive affirmations to help focus your day. Inject  positive talk into your day whenever possible and it will help you face the demands of your shift. What might otherwise be an uninspiring day can be illuminated just by knowing you have been a source of help for those around you and the callers you’ve spoken with.

Over time, if you do your best to follow these steps, you’ll notice things changing in yourself and life  around you. A lot of the negativity will start to melt away and things that once seemed daunting or irksome will begin to seem more trivial and you’ll be able to shrug them off, because you know how to create a positive attitude.

As I notice the shining stars in our call center organization, their characteristics and personalities are similar in a lot of ways: happy, good-hearted, and a passion for serving others. Positivity  radiates from within them. Our agents may be going through some trials outside of work, and we want to help with those if we can, but one thing is for sure, when they get into the call center, they radiate sunshine throughout the building. These are the ones whose call center attitude has determined their altitude and it shows!

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Cheryl L. LaBaw joined Sound Telecom as Director of Customer Relations in 2012. She is responsible for maintaining a high standard of service quality through ongoing monitoring and coaching of our call center agents. Prior to her arrival at Sound Telecom, Cheryl invested over 31 years in the customer care and service areas with United Airlines. She brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas from her experiences there in addition to working over 13 years in their call center. Cheryl’s skills in conflict resolution and customer satisfaction make her an excellent addition to the management team. As a Flight Attendant and Safety Professional she provided a more personal touch to customer concerns and safety issues. Mrs. LaBaw is passionate about health issues and has served her community by volunteering at Swedish Medical Center for three years in the Community Health Education Department. She also supports various youth organizations and child health and welfare organizations.

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