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Working Through the Common Cold


Getting sick happens, but sometimes you still have a job to do. Knowing the best ways to work through the common cold will keep you productive and get you healthier quicker.

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Sick time is a wonderful perk for most jobs, but what if you have already ran out it when you come down with the common cold.? Or maybe you’re trying really hard to save up your paid time off for something fun rather than waste it on a dumb cold. While it may not be debilitating, it can be difficult to work through the day with a nasty cold in your system.

It can even prove more difficult to avoid turning into the leper of the office when you’ve got the cold. Suddenly in a weird state of semi quarantine, you are unable to go anywhere without having to sanitize everything you touch. Even then, many people in the office will do their best to avoid you.

So how can you work through the common cold and get back to being healthy as efficiently as possible? Here is what you need to know…

Fluids. You know that thing your mom always mentioned when you were sick? Drink plenty of fluids. Water is generally a solid choice to drown the sickness. Your body is in hyper-drive fighting off this cold so it’s using a lot of resources. With the water in your body being one of them, the last thing you want is to be dehydrated, so stay ahead and drink plenty of water. How can you tell if you are getting enough? You’ll know by how frequently you have to excuse yourself to use the bathroom.

Eat ice chips. Munching on ice chips will help sooth a sore throat. It can also help with that whole hydration game. Having something to chew on can even suppress hunger and keep you from eating the junk food you might normally be consuming that is doing your body no good, especially when you have a cold.

Vitamin C. Get this stuff however you can. Whether you take a Vitamin C pill after breakfast, down an Emergen-C during the day, or drink orange juice with dinner, you are doing your body a favor. Vitamin C gives your body a huge boost in the fight against the cold.

Medicate for pain. Your body may feel quite sore, your head might ache, and your lower back could be killing you on account of your kidneys trying to flush this cold through your system. Over the counter remedies will help with the pain and lower your fever to help keep your body regulated.

Rest. Your body needs this when you have a cold just as much as any of this stuff. So as soon as you get off work, head home, take it easy, and get to bed earlier than you normally would. Shoot for a full 8 hours and maybe even a bonus hour or two if you can swing it.

Work from home. This isn’t an option for everyone, but if you are able to, this is the way to go. Working in the comfort of your PJ’s immediately solves the issue of potentially getting others sick in your office, and it also affords you the opportunity to get a little more rest.

While working through a cold isn’t necessarily ideal, it may be required of you. Be sure to follow these tips, and anything else you feel you may need to heal. The cold is quite common, but it can be dangerous if not handled properly. If you continue to feel sick after a week of following these tips without improvement, please contact your doctor for further treatments. But more often than not, you should be able to crush that cold and work through it like a champ.

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