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Why your business needs MOP’s and SOP’s


Why should we have  MOP’s  and  SOP’s? What are they?

This is a picture of a mop (MOP's and SOP's)

MOP stands for Maintenance Operation Protocol, and SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedures. These two abbreviations can be utilized in many different departments. If you don’t have MOP’s and SOP’s around, it may be a good idea to start.

Why do we need MOP’s and SOP’s? Let’s define what they are; the MOP (Maintenance Operation Protocol) document is used to show easy, precise instructions on how to maintain a piece of equipment. The MOP is an extension to a manual for a piece of equipment, only the instructions in the MOP should be easy-to-use directions on how to maintain a piece of equipment in the event the person who normally takes care of the equipment gets in an accident or is not there.

When creating MOP’s and SOP’s, it is a good idea to take pictures of the equipment to assist in showing what to do. Even though you may not be the technician that maintains the piece of equipment, at least you will know what you are looking for.

Some examples of why you need a MOP; you need to inspect your emergency power generator to make sure it will run when needed, so you do a walk around the generator to make sure it is free of clutter and easy to access. Then you can look to see if it has enough fuel, take a look at the gauges to make sure they are not cracked and look to be working. All of these items you can take a picture of to reinforce understanding of the piece of equipment.

By making up a MOP, you can have anyone pick up the MOP and start performing the tasks without reading manuals on the equipment. MOP’s are not meant to do major repair; they are used for simple inspection of the equipment, and to provide contact information for the correct vendor for any major repairs.

What is a SOP? This document can be super critical in the event of an emergency with your company. A SOP is designed to give step-by-step instructions on how to get a piece of equipment back up and running, by anyone in your organization that does not normally work on the equipment . The document should be and has to be written in the most simple terms, because the people that will be reading and performing the actions are usually people who have no idea how the equipment works. In this document, it is also a very good idea to have pictures with your steps; this way there will be no confusion on where to go and what part of the equipment needs to be fixed or brought back online.

You really should have MOP’s and SOP’s for items that could potentially malfunction in the event you are not around. Usually these documents are used in the event of equipment failure; however, they can also be used to do things like instruct an individual on how to set up a new account for your telephone switch. These two documents can be a necessity for a business. Just remember, the MOP’s and SOP’s are only good if you constantly look at them to make sure they are updated with any new changes.



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