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When is Telemarketing a Poor Choice?


Is telemarketing always the right choice? Nope. These items will help you know when to reconsider if you were thinking of embarking on a telemarketing adventure.

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Can telemarketing be a great tool to help grow your business? Absolutely. But that’s not always the case. There are definitely times when you should not do telemarketing. If you find yourself in any of these situations, it is probably best to rethink hiring a company to do telemarketing for you…

  • You have no list
  • You have no marketing plan
  • You have no readily-identifiable target market
  • You don’t know what your value proposition is
  • You don’t know what a value proposition is
  • You can’t easily explain the top 5 benefits of your service or product
  • You can’t explain what makes you different from the competition – really different
  • You have no budget
  • You expect to pay around $10 for professional telemarketing
  • You’ve never attempted to telemarket your own product or service
  • You expect that your telemarketer will get qualified leads on 50% or more of all calls made
  • You expect to close 75% or more of all leads you are given
  • You have completely unrealistic expectations because a friend of a friend told you that telemarketing works great, every time on all types of programs
  • You believe every telemarketing sales person when he says, “We can do that! Just send a check!”
  • You don’t take the time to research multiple telemarketing providers

Ok – that is a short list. There are more reasons along those same lines. But the truth is – telemarketing really can work. Just not for everybody and not for every type of campaign. Do your homework, test your own product or service yourself and then call around to get educated. It will pay off in the long run.



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