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What are appointment setters?

Appointment setters are professional telemarketers. Their job is to place phone calls into businesses or residences in an effort to achieve a predefined goal. Telemarketing appointment setters are generally tasked with – setting appointments! These appointments are either set as in-person or over-the-phone meetings.

Telemarketing and appointment setting is a difficult thing to do. Professional telemarketing appointment setters have to be trained to properly address gatekeepers, quickly develop rapport and deliver a value proposition. If an appointment setter cannot develop this rapport and keep a prospect interested, there is likely no chance that they will be successful. When appointment setters DO know what they are doing, they can quickly create highly qualified leads which ultimately result in sales for their clients.

Businesses that employ professional telemarketing agencies do so because they rely on the skill of appointment setters to generate leads for them. Businesses often do not have the time or the training to generate these kinds of leads internally so they turn to an outsourcing model to quickly develop new business.

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