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Using Your Telephone Answering Service to Weather the Storms


When the weather threatens to cause problems for your company, be ready with support from a telephone answering service.

This is a picture of a snow storm much like the ones currently affecting the country that businesses need to have plans in place for like a telephone answering service.

Well, the snow storms are just not letting up…flights are still delayed, people are still trying to get from point a to point b, schools are closed and businesses are affected.

Did you know your telephone answering service can help alleviate the communication gridlock that happens when everything else stops due to winter storms?  By securing a centralized number that your employees, customers, students, and everyone else can call for information, you can provide that communication link which helps keep everyone in touch, and in the know, and updated on status checks affecting your business, your school, your community.

For instance, your employees can call safely and securely and leave messages for each other or for your designated personnel.  Messages can then be delivered timely and accurately to your office or held for your designee to call in and retrieve them.  This kind of service is helpful if employees get stuck in ice or snow storms and they need to get in touch with you.  You can also relay instructions – such as how they are to work remotely, or alternative transportation methods they can use to get to/from work, or even allow you to respond to an S.O.S. from an employee driving to/from work and getting stuck, literally, in ice or snow.  These are just some examples of how to leverage the power of your telephone answering service.

When needed, turn your service on, and then in warmer months, you can put your service into hibernation, always ready to ramp back up in the event you need it for whatever purpose.

Using a telephone answering service differs from a strict voicemail service in that an experienced, courteous, friendly, and professional live agent will take the call and be able to offer a full customer service experience for your customers – thereby ensuring the great service your customer is accustomed to receiving remains intact.

The groundhog saw his shadow, so we are looking at a few more weeks of winter. Now is the time to get your service started, and your instructions drafted and readied for implementation.

Don’t wait until after the first event costs you employee hours or customer dissatisfaction – get this process in place now, test it, mark it off your list and breathe a little easier knowing your business is prepared to handle those severe weather events.

Carry on, carry forward.