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Twitter Tells: Live Answering Services Reign Supreme


Twitter users have no problem bashing automated voice answering services. Nobody likes them, which is why live answering services with real people will always reign supreme.

Image of tweets complaining about automated  voice answering services

First things first, if there is ever an election for ruler of the world, I’m voting for Sarah. With a campaign platform of abolishing automated voice answering, she can’t lose! Next, if you cherish having an uncrushed soul, follow Samuel’s lead and don’t ever call a company that has one of those automated systems. And finally, Haukur, amen, brother!

While perusing tweets about answering services, it is not an infrequent event to encounter complaints about those automated voice answering systems. Have you ever met anyone who actually likes those? No. Why? Because they are the worst. You don’t need me to give you an example of how those “interactions” play out. You know how inconvenient, frustrating, and just plain maddening it is to deal with an automated voice answering service.

Haukur could not be more on the money when he said, “Please, if you have a business, never ever ever us a automated voice answering service. Respect your customers and their time.” Seriously, companies who have real people taking their calls with a live answering service understand how customer service works.

When people call a business, they want to talk with people. The last thing they want to do is get stuck battling an automated system or get thrown in voicemail jail. As Samuel said, that stuff is soul destroying and is just about the quickest way to send your customers straight into the hands of your competition that actually provides live answering service.

So if nobody likes automated voice answering, why do companies keep using them? I’m willing to bet that price is a big part of it. Just slapping an automated system in there is probably a cheaper option. But what if we look at the bigger picture? How many customers is it costing businesses that are chasing people off with their lack of live answering support? We all know it costs far more to get a new customer than is does to keep one you already have.  That’s business 101.

And what about that bad brand image companies who use automated answering are painting? What a nice first impression when they call you up (he typed with gobs of sarcasm). Oh, and good luck getting any referrals.

It really goes on and on, but it all comes down to this: vote for Sarah. Let’s exterminate automated voice answering systems and enjoy the wonders of live answering services.

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