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Try These Different Ways to Sneak in some Exercise at Work

Sitting in the office all day isn’t doing you any favors. You’re going to be better off if you can get in a little bit of exercise at work. Here are a few things you can try…

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The average person in the United States now spends more time sitting each day than they do sleeping or doing anything else. There are all sorts of health issues related to extensive sitting. And sitting has even been referred to as the smoking of our generation. While that may or may not be a little extreme, there is no doubt that we are sitting too much and not getting enough exercise.

So what can we do to combat this epidemic? Well there are all kinds of ways you can get active around the office and sneak in some exercise at work. You’ve got more options available to you if you don’t mind looking a little goofy, but there are exercise alternatives for everyone. Whether you do these on your own, get your favorite coworker to join you, or encourage everyone in the office to partake, here are some different ways you incorporate some exercises into your workday.

Walking meetings

Rather than sitting around a table for your upcoming meeting, try taking a walk. Just stroll around the nearest park or around the block with the people you’re meeting with and chat about your agenda items until you’re done. You’ll be surprised how much just getting the blood pumping a little, combined with some fresh air, will get your mind in a great place for max meeting productivity. Sure, you’re empty meeting room might start to get lonely after a while. Maybe just turn it into an exercise room???

Take the stairs

Refuse to use the elevator. Seriously, every chance you get, just take the stairs. Ok, if you work 30 floors up in a skyscraper, go ahead and take the elevator. But not all the way! Save a couple flights of stairs so you can still sneak in a little more exercise at work.

Get in a mini workout at your desk

There are dozens of exercises that you can do at your desk throughout the day. Some might make you feel a little goofy, so if you’re a little more self conscious, don’t worry, because there’s plenty of mini workouts you can do that are more discrete. Here’s an article that actually rates 12 office exercises when it comes to difficulty, sweat, and humiliation.

Do some yoga

Whether it’s getting to the office 10 minutes early to get a few stretches in before work, or setting aside part of your lunch break for some poses, doing some yoga at work is a great choice. You don’t have to try to pull off head stands while waiting at the printer. Here are a dozen easy yoga poses you can do at work.

Create an exercise group

Invite any of your coworkers who are interested to create a group of people who are dedicated to getting in a little bit of exercise while at work. Maybe you all just go for a walk on your break or do a couple minutes of basic ab work each day. Keep the exercises varied, but basic so you can include everyone who wants to get healthier about their work habits.

Try an alternative to your desk chair

Why not wrap this up on an extreme note? If some of these simpler ways to sneak in some exercise at work aren’t enough for you, perhaps you’re looking to to step your game up to the big time. So, what’s it going to be? A exercise ball instead of a chair? One of those standing desks? How about you show some real dedication and opt for the treadmill desk? Good luck talking your boss into that one.

Worried you’ll miss an important call while you’re out of the office getting some exercise? Just flip your phone over to your answering service and you’re good to go. However you choose to sneak in some exercise at work, your body will thank you. We are sitting too much and aren’t taking advantage of some simple ways to get active in the office. Everyone has their own unique situation, so come up with something that works best for you and start moving around more.

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