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Trick or Treat — What are You Getting from Your Telephone Answering Service?

Well it’s that time of year when some of us go around house to house, store to store, dressed up as a favorite character haunting for our favorite treats. (Get it? Haunting instead of hunting…? Heh heh)

As children, we knew which houses would give out lots of treats, and which ones gave out toothbrushes.  Guess which ones we would haunt several times in a row?  Let’s think about it:  hmmmmmmmmmmm…chocolate or toothbrush, chocolate or toothbrush…I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, right?  That’s right, we went for the toothbrushes!  Only kidding — just wanted to see if you are reading this.

Well, I was at a loss today as to what to share with you, and a colleague suggested a Halloween themed topic involving zombies, vampires and werewolves, and mentioned vendors, customers and employees in the same sentence. I said even if there were a few vampire vendors, werewolf customers and zombie employees, it was not my place or habit to write about them.

But then I realized, who am I to deprive you of knowledge that could save your life should you encounter one of these beings?  I mean, do you know what to do?  Do you know how to protect yourself?  Do you know how to protect your business?  Do you know how to get rid of the pests?

I realized I have a responsibility to pass on whatever knowledge I have in this area to my fellow bloggers, blog readers, business people, colleagues, and anyone else who may be shuddering with worry that right around the corner is some zombie employee waiting to bite your head off because their account needed some extra attention; or maybe lying in wait is some vampire vendor trying to suck the life blood (your money) right out of you;  or maybe, perchance, you encounter one of those werewolf customers who look and speak like a normal human being, but when the moon is full, and you’re calling your customer with a collection call, they transform into a ferocious wolf-beast chasing you through the night and you’ve left your silver bullets at home….

So, here’s some suggestions:

  1. Paint your face green so you look “zombie-ish” and you blend in
  2. Wear lots of garlic necklaces
  3. Don’t make any collections calls during a full moon

OR, you could just do this:

  1. Make sure your company takes the time to hire employees who work well with others. Our telephone answering service hires and embraces agents who will represent your company as you would, by being friendly, professional and courteous.
  2. Make sure you choose to use leading edge technology and partner with the right vendors who have your best interests in mind, which will save you money, aggravation, and ensure top of the line service to your customers
  3. Make sure you understand the needs of your customers, cyclic events, and any other detail that may affect them so that you can serve your customers in the best way possible

Remember, your telephone answering service is not a vampire — if you cannot view your answering service as a business partner who is able and willing to help you figure things out, if you don’t have that kind of relationship with your telephone answering service, then by all means, find another one.

Finding an excellent telephone answering service should be a lot easier than traipsing through the night, wandering from place to place, looking for treats, but never knowing what you’re going to get…until it’s too late. Everyone wants treats. Don’t be tricked.

Pick the telephone answering service that will give you lots and lots of treats.  (You can get all the free toothbrushes you want from your dentist.)

Happy Halloween!

Carry on, carry over….


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