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How A Towing Answering Service Works

A great towing answering service is vital for any towing company that wants to stay busy and competitive.

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Towing companies operate in a highly competitive space. The quality of their after-hours live towing answering service can make or break their business. Calls must be answered quickly and professionally or they will certainly lose business in a hurry.

Much of a towing operator’s bread and butter can come from calls generated by local law enforcement. For example, if a police officer is sent to the scene of a drunk driving accident, he will call the local towing company to come out and remove the cars. If the towing answering service provider does not answer that call quickly or puts the officer on hold for an extended period of time, the officer will hang up and call another towing service. When this happens, the towing service owner can be put in jeopardy of losing their valued relationship with that law enforcement agency. When this happens, they are “blacklisted” and they lose massive amounts of revenue. It is critical that a towing answering service understand this and be responsive to the unique requirements of local law enforcement.

There is also another another group of calls that are handled for towing services and those calls come from motor clubs. Motor clubs like AAA develop relationships with local towing companies to help their members. Motor clubs expect fast responses and they are very similar to law enforcement – they don’t like to wait. However, there is an additional layer of complexity with motor clubs, because they normally require that the towing answering service properly screen the stranded motorist. So it is not unusual for a towing answering service to follow an extended “script” or call processing format in these cases.

Most towing service operators ask that their chosen towing answering service never places any of their calls on hold. But is this realistic? Absolutely! A good answering service for towing companies won’t ever place a call on hold. Instead, they’ll pick up  95% of the calls in 3 rings or less and devote their full attention to the caller until the motorist or law enforcement officer is assured that a tow truck is on the way.  Prompt, efficient service is required to retain customers and keep the towing business running smoothly.

Towing answering service providers must also be prepared to manage extensive and often complex lists of after-hours dispatch drivers. The job of the towing answering service is to get the requested tow to the right driver at the right time. Towing operators can have multiple drivers on-call after hours along with special contact requirements for each driver (cell, pager, home line, you name it). When a towing service has 4 or 5 towing drivers out in the field it is critical that the on-call list be managed properly at all times.

Some of Sound Telecom’s towing answering service highlights:

  • Police and Law Enforcement Calls: We understand the importance of these calls and we prioritize them accordingly.
  • Motor Club Calls: We can specially script these calls no matter how many different motor clubs a towing owner serves.
  • Manage complex on-call lists: Often, there are 4 or 5 towing drivers out in the field. We can use our web on-call services to carefully manage that list to ensure the right driver gets the call at the right time.
  • Towing specialists: Sound Telecom has handled towing calls since 1986. We can provide referrals.
  • Patching: We can provide call patching and call transfer services so that tow companies can speak directly with the client if the call meets their criteria.
  • Pager Services: Often, towing drivers carry pagers, because they work in areas that don’t always have the most reliable cell phone coverage. We can provide pagers and pager service to any towing company that requires such communication methods.

Some of the information a great towing answering service can collect:

  • Name, Phone, Message
  • Vehicle Type
  • Pickup Location
  • Dropoff Location
  • Insurance/Auto Club
  • PO#
  • Who to Relay to

And a few more things a great towing answering service can do:

  • Direct Dial Relay
  • Patch/Transfer
  • SMS & Confirm
  • Alpha Page
  • On Call Scheduler
  • Web Portal Services
  • Multilingual Support
  • Send calls out in a timely manner
  • Treat PD/FD calls as ER with Immediate Dispatch
  • Full Account Customization
  • Quick Call Answering and No Holds
  • Different questions for Auto Clubs, Recordings, Police, Cash calls
  • Able to input information into Garmin websites or send in messages for GPS

Towing operators depend on professional live answering support for the successful operation of their businesses. So a towing answering services that is qualified to handle important towing service calls takes their responsibilities seriously to provide the best service possible. Contact us today to learn more about our specialized answering services for towing companies. Happy towing!

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