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Top 5 Team Building Exercises


Use these top five team building exercises to bring your group closer, develop trust, and facilitate an unstoppable environment of teamwork that encourages your unit to operate effectively and efficiently while having a good time.

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Spring is now upon us and that can often mean that companies come out of hibernation and prepare to do some hiring. While this is exciting, it’s best to take some time to build your team back up and bond them together. Strengthening their relationships will enhance their work and help the company as a whole. Team building exercises don’t have to come in the form of day-long retreats. Some of the best team building activities are simple, but effective. Check out the top five team building exercises for the office:

1. The Minefield
Pair off into groups. In an open space, (it can be a hallway or empty room), one person will place “mines” around the playing area. These mines can be a ball, bottles or a mat of some sort. These are placed while the other team member is blind folded. Once the mines are placed, the blinded team member will attempt to walk through the space to reach their partner without hitting anything. The partner who can see will guide them with voice commands the entire time. This will help with communication and effective listening skills. Once the challenge is completed, the partners will switch positions and the person who was originally blind folded will move the mines into other spots around the area.

2. Back-to-Back Drawing
Again, get into groups of two. Each pair will sit or stand back to back. One will have a picture in front of them, such as a piece of pizza or a chair. The partner who must draw this picture will not be allowed to see it, but will have to ask questions about it to learn what it is and draw it. The person answering the questions cannot communicate exactly what it is. This will help promote asking direct questions and finding answers creatively.

3. The Classification Game
Divide into groups of a handful of people. Everyone will go over classifying someone falsely and negatively. Then each member will introduce themselves and provide information on their likes and dislikes for things outside of the office. Each team member is to then come up with non-negative and non-subjective classifications such as a “Dog Person” or a “Seahawks Fan”. This will promote knowledge of your office mates, as well as help people come out of their shell without fear of negative judgement.

4. Salt and Pepper
You will write on flash cards items that go great together. “Yin and Yang” “Bronze and Iron” etc. One item goes on each card and then each person gets a card stuck to their forehead without knowledge of what it is. They will then walk around the room socializing with everyone, only allowed to ask yes or no questions. Once they have discovered what they are, or have a good idea, they are then to find their other half. This can be a game used to select the pairs for other games or activities your office may play that day.

5. Poker Tower
Divide the office into small teams or by department. Provide each group with only a couple decks of cards and scissors. They are to attempt to stack the largest and tallest card tower they can within a 30 minute time frame. This will require team work to get the tower built and built evenly so it does not tip over. It also develops powerful communication skills.

Yes, these top five team building exercises are meant to be fun, but that’s not all. The core objective is to forge a group of people that works well together and has a good time doing so. Pick your favorites of the five best team building exercises and let the fun and development begin!

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